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 Training Afro (Death) Ball

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PostSubject: Training Afro (Death) Ball   Training Afro (Death) Ball EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 9:22 am

Kemi needed to grow stronger. The display of power he had witnessed in the battle of the Saiyans and Kristin made the Namekian feel meagre, simply a trace of dirt on their powers. Even if he had tried in that battle he would have been utterly demolished by whoever he thought; his naïve and delusional ideals of being able to protect the world on his own were shattered that day; being able to beat up strong humans was one thing, but those Saiyans... And Kristin for that matter were on entirely different levels, and if he wanted to get even mildly close to being able to match up to monsters of that calibre, the green afro man would have to train... And he would have to train hard. It was the only way; train to get stronger, and learn a new, ultimate technique, able to defeat any enemy who stood in his way.

This technique was known as the Death Ball, and from what the Namekian had heard it was the ability which completely annihilated the original Planet Vegeta. Though Kemi himself didn't really have any ideas about destroying planets, he just needed a large scale and extremely powerful technique which he could use as a trump card in a fight. After all, it appeared his current skills would make him unable to go against most low level Saiyans, let alone the ones on Vegeta itself. It would also be a form of bragging rights when faced with Kristin, as his Death Ball would be very similar to her Death Beam, but just on a grandeur scale.

As always when training, Kemi had returned to the large desert where many craters and broken mountains stood as remnants of his training. Though there was still many mountains and miles of barren, seemingly endless desert around, where the Namekian had chosen to train constantly was fairly obvious; the craters and large holes in mountains, as well as the occasional lifeless and decomposing dinosaur corpse laying around signified that it wasn't done by natural causes. It was good; since the situation on learning Afro Beam Cannon, most of the dinosaurs had left Kemi to peace when he was training, but there was the occasional bigger one which believed it could bite off more than it could chew, before Kemi himself launched it miles away.

Perched in the centre of crater he had caused with a large Ki Blast roughly a day ago, in the lotus position, he held his right index finger out in front of him. Apparently he would have to focus the Ki into his finger and then channel more energy into it until he believed it would be powerful enough; though it seemed simple, the act of performing it, with only words to back it up was indeed very difficult. His idea to try and mimic Kristin's Death Beam, but rather than firing it, gather more energy... Then again he didn't even know how to use the Death Beam, but it would serve as the basis for this attack, if he ever got to learn it.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaah.” The first part was relatively simple; the Namekian charged energy around his index finger, but then the further energy he added, the more unstable it became. He continued to focus, attempting to create the ball of blue energy around his hand until, “Geargh!” A large explosion sent to green man flying back into one of the curved walls of the crater he had created before; hitting it with a thud, he rolled down until he was looking up at the sky. His first attempt had been botched up; that was to be expected, butt he raw power which had been in this technique was unbelievable; Kemi was already on the point of collapse simply by an unformed one exploding right by him.

Giving himself a few moments to recuperate and after patting down his afro to make sure it was still there, the Namekian got up and brushed himself down of sand. He would do this no matter what; the Earth relied on him to do it... Also, he relied on him to do it. If he could do this it was be a massive confidence boost, and would help him in future battles, and also make him invariably stronger, so it really was a thing to strive for. It was simply the fact of he had felt weak since those Saiyans had arrived and he wished to become stronger; whilst he could have gone and searched for the Dragon Balls to wish to become stronger, Kemi saw this as cheating and wanted to get better on his own.

After deeming he was ready, he sat back down and began to once again focus the Ki into his finger. It felt slightly more natural this time around, but it still wasn't perfectly going to plan, and the Namekian only got a miniature and unstable version of the technique he wished to achieve. After releasing it, the ball of bright blue Ki which was around the size of a basketball flew into the ground and exploded, rather spectacularly. After the dust and smoke had cleared, there was a crater around the same size Kemi was standing in at that moment. It was just the same as a Ki Blast, not his attempted advanced technique. This could take all day... It could take all week if he cared; he would learn this technique, no matter how long it would take.

Once again he started the charge of the technique, and this time it seemed to be going perfectly; the ball around his finger started growing and growing... That was until it got to around the size of a house. The blue sphere exploded in a blinding light, and sent Kemi flying back with more of a force this time. “Huuuch!” Crashing into a mountain, the Namek slowly slumped to the ground, panting slightly, and coughing up purple blood. The explosion had completely blown off the upper left part of his body; from around his pelvis, all the way up to his left shoulder, completely destroying it. However, this was no real problem for a Namekian, and it was relatively easy to regenerate that part of his body. Somehow his afro had remained intact throughout the entirety of this.

Unfortunately, this left the Namekian low on energy, and very low on his Ki reserves, so he would have to rest for a while to recuperate better. Rotating his left arm around a few times to make sure it still worked proper, and after what felt like four to five hours of meditation, Kemi believed he was finally ready to resume his training. He had got the forming of the Ball right, it was just the maintaining and release of it which would pose more of a problem; but, Kemi knew he could do it, after all, it was in his blood to be able to manipulate Ki... He was a Namekian! His racial pride made it so that he could not give up on this technique... He would get Death Ball, or he would die trying.

“This time I WILL do it!” Sitting down again, the Namekian prepared himself less this time; maybe he was just over concentrating and that was why the ball exploded, as he was focusing too much Ki into it at once. “Haaaaaaaaaaah.” The sphere began to grow around his index finger once again, but this time it dissipated after barely reaching the size of a car. “I have to focus more than this, but less than I was before it seems... Oh, wonderful. The G-Spot of a Death Ball.” Once again, he attempted it; the focusing of the Ki worked better this time... And after a slight wobble in the forming of the sphere, it became larger and larger until it finally reached around the size of an office building. He was able to maintain the technique now, so the releasing of it was relatively simple. Flyiing up into the air, he prepared to launch the ball...

“HAAAAAAAAAH!” With a roar, he launched the massive blue orb down onto the desert ground, and simply watched the large ball completely decimate everything within a huge radius, all the way until the horizon; he had deliberately come right into the centre of the desert whilst training so to avoid civilisation with techniques like this. However, the Namek should have really got a bit further back, as though the actual explosion didn't catch him within it, the force of the blast sent him of balance in the air, and flying straight down into the scorched earth. “Heh.” He hit the ground hard, winding him, but he was happy. Opening his watery eyes, he looked around at the completely barren area around him, which he had just completely destroyed. He had done it... And this time, it wasn't thanks to the 'fro. This time it was all him.
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PostSubject: Re: Training Afro (Death) Ball   Training Afro (Death) Ball EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 2:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Training Afro (Death) Ball   Training Afro (Death) Ball EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 8:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Training Afro (Death) Ball   Training Afro (Death) Ball Empty

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Training Afro (Death) Ball
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