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 Training: Death Beam

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PostSubject: Training: Death Beam   Training: Death Beam EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 12:19 pm

After reaching the top of Korin's tower, Kristin went off to train. Kemi left to go train some super attack of something and stuff. She didn't know much but she had heard of a technique and wanted to learn it for herself. The Death Beam it was called. She didn't know how to do it but knew it was a small, very fast, laser-like beam of Ki from from the index finger, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent. She arrived at an open airspace. By open airspace she meant over a military airbase. She extended her arms and channeled her Ki energy into her arms. Her power level increased quickly as she charged up her energy. It might even be sensed by the normal Humans below her. Air was pulsated as her powerlevel reached it's near peek. She didn't push it all the way but having near full access to her power would be something that would be helpful. If this went well, it would also be quite a stress reliever. She poured ki into her hand and tried to channel it into her fingers. Her Ki colour was normally purplish so her aura was seen slightly for a moment. Static crackled in the air as she shot a burst of ki out of her finger. Failed. Instead it was just a broken ball of ki that hurdled down into the airbase. A building erupted and then imploded on itself. It was a weak building. Now here was where the training got more intense.

The airbase had noticed her before she had even attacked them. Now they were already scrambling jets to shoot her down. Luckily they didn't have any AA guns or they might have already started shooting at her. She channeled ki again into her hand and then into her finger. This attack should be rapid and very easy to use multiple times without break. She right now needed to focus her ki into her hand before she could even attempt. All she could do was shoot normal ki blasts so this was going to be a large step up for her. She shot another blast from her finger. This time it was more concentrated but still orb like and it stopped coming from her finger after coming out. It hit into the runaway and blew up a plane. Three more took off. The very sound would have burst someone's eardrums as jets drummed through the air heavily. The air seemed to vibrate as well as she was circled. Her ki continued to channel into her arms and finger tips, this time concentrating them more before firing. This time a more beam like energy came out. It wasn't where she wanted it though. It only skimmed the tail of one of the jets. She started to imagine her ki as the width of her fingers. Width of her fingers and extended. She watched as the other jet's pilot ejected as they started to spin out of control. She shot her other finger's ki. It was even more beam like, but not piercing. It blasted the ejected pilot and sent him off and tumbling to the ground at high speeds with a purple energy blast pushing him. Not the Death Beam she wanted.

Now the jets sent warning shots just past her. Missiles flew past her on both sides. Her hair blasted around her head. She calmed it down. Warning shots weren't going to get them anything but more destruction. She pointed her finger at them again and prepared to shoot another death beam attempt. Then the plane pulled up and she lost her aim on it. While she adjusted her aim a missile slammed into her back. The explosion didn't even more her but still. She had lost sight of the plane she was firing at. Now they were targeting her again. Tracer fire lit into her and some actually pierced her as she wasn't defending herself. She was only on the offense. She didn't have time to focus on defending herself, just focus on learning this technique. She launched her ki again. Even more beam like. This time it actually pierced a wing of one of the fighters. But it fluttered in and out of existence as she used it. She had to make it more concentrated still. Her body started to regenerate from the bullet wounds and pushing some of the bullets out of her. The plane that was hit started to spiral out of control, and directly at her as well. That was quite unfortunate. The pilot still had some chance of survival, well not anymore. Her other finger came up and shot another beam of ki that pierced the cockpit and out the other side of the plane. This one still fluttered in it's existence and it didn't stop the plane. When it got too close she had to actually do something besides just focus her ki.

Taking a moment to stop using the ability she moved her fist to punch the plane downwards and away from her. Rapidly changing directions the plane was sent down at the ground and exploded upon impact with the ground. Kristin flexed her hand once before channeling more ki. She needed to fully learn this technique. Even the way it was it wasn't in the perfect shape she wanted it to be either. This time she shot two beams of piercing energy at a plane. Hitting it in both wings. Well it wasn't in the perfect form she wanted but she could fire them more rapidly. She focused on it again. Practice practice practice. That's all she needed to do. More missiles shot into her. The explosions actually caught her off guard. Fiery smoke covered her from all sides. Next a beam of purple energy shot out from the smoke to impact one of the planes. They were making her angry now. The plane was hit by the beam and started to fall to the ground as a fire erupted from it's engine. This was getting easier the more she used it. Yet it wasn't good enough yet! She had to be perfect, perfect perfect perfect!

Twenty minutes had past since she got down the last plane. She had been focusing more on her shooting. The beam looked perfect now but she didn't have targets to test it on. The fighter jets were staying a whiles away from her as they considered their options. Continue fighting and most likely die or retreat to get bigger forces. It wasn't like this nation to retreat. Yet they weren't. Still, they called for more help. Now air fighters from other bases were coming in. They had better planes or something or they wouldn't even bother. She watched as the formation closed in on her. She pointed her finger at them and fired her purple energy. Death Beams. She fired three of them. Piercing three of the frontal planes and one beam even hitting a second plane. They pierced the planes perfectly and they all exploded from the energy right in the air. She looked at her own hands. She had got it, Death Beam was her's. She looked at the rest of the planes. They weren't even worth her time anymore. They were useful while she needed to kill them. Now, she just left. Her flying speed even blinding to the fighter jets, also to the fact she was flying in the opposite directional as them and much smaller than a plane.
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PostSubject: Re: Training: Death Beam   Training: Death Beam EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 7:47 pm

Death Beam learned

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Training: Death Beam
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