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Name: Tulo
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PostSubject: Training   Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:59 am

"Be back soon Roshi!" Were the last words that Tulo had said to Roshi before he left out for the woods for training of his own. There he found nothing but wolves and and large Dinosaurs they proved no threat to him. His only thought of what he needed to learn was an Explosive Wave. It's destruction can be great and destroy everything around him. Or it could be used defensively to keep those close to him away. However to maintain constant energy flowing outside of your body like that was nerve wrecking and would consume plenty of Ki. His first step would be to make a simple bubble around himself with his ki which he could somewhat do.

"ha.......AAAAH!" Tulo screamed as he raised his power level to form a bubble around him, it seemed step one was already completed. His muscles then flexed on his arms as an explosive like aura came from them. "GYEEAAAH!" He screamed yet again forming the explosive energy in the inside of his so called 'bubble.' Step two was down already it seemed the only thing that was really needed was to force his Ki outside of his bubble in a fast motion to constantly hurt those around him. Then it could be used as a barrier even for energy blasts. However in this motion he failed his ki input exploded on the inside hurting him.

His training for the explosive wave took more days then what he had originally planned. Three days already was it? His attempt on getting a simple move down, perhaps it just took more physical discipline he had thought to himself as he would do more push ups. Or more of a core body? He would do more sit ups, which would eventually give him more flexibility. That wasn't the key either perhaps it was just the amount of ki one held? Tulo had no clue on how to train that himself, how would this work a rapid amount of ki blasts shot and trying to go over his limit? Well that was the only way he could think of it. Or possibly even get better control to get more power from his ki blasts with less energy? His attempts failed one after another, it seemed there was no hope for this technique to be learned.

"One last time... HAAAAAAA" He screamed attempting to do all the steps at once as a giant explosion. It was a success why did it work now? Was it the drive that got to him? Or was it simply the fact he understood more things about fighting? Which ever answer it was yet again it had worked for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Training   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:59 pm

Since the admin isn't around, please keep track of things in your signature.

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PostSubject: Re: Training   Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:09 pm

Hotaru, I override that,

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PostSubject: Re: Training   

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