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 Training Explosive Afro (Demon) Wave

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PostSubject: Training Explosive Afro (Demon) Wave   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:16 pm

Once again Kemi had returned to the harsh and peaceful desert landscape to train himself for the further protection of this planet he swore to protect; he had recently taught himself the use of the Afro Beam Cannon, which, though being very powerful and a useful technique in a battle, took a long amount of time to charge, and would be relatively useless if he didn't have someone to help him while he charged it. So, the only natural theory to counter that would to be the use of a powerful technique which didn't take such a time to charge, but still delivered quite a punch.

The technique was used by King Piccolo, and supposedly had the power to eradicate and entire city; though Kemi was aware there were abilities which could annihilate planets, he didn't really want a technique that potent when it came to defending a planet; and he didn't exactly have plans to attack a planet, that'd be rude. The attack was known as the Explosive Demon Wave, and it was something which would be a very powerful asset to rid whoever stood in his way... And it would also make a nice and pretty boom wherever it hit. And nice and pretty boom were very good things; especially when the user had an afro... Oh yeah, everyone loved that 'fro.

So all it required was to really form a powerful blast of Ki from one of his arms, whilst supporting it with the other; useful thing was it wouldn't take too long to accomplish, and the charging wouldn't be very long. The desert was perfect today; there were no pesky dinosaurs or Saiyans, or Androids for that matter to disrupt him; he could just sit down in peace and relax. It would make the focusing of Ki and the process of the technique at least ten times quicker, and of course that was a good thing. “Haaaaaaaaaah.”

In the Lotus Position and focusing the Ki into his left arm, whilst supporting it with the right, the Namekian's blue coloured Ki started to form around the end of his hand. It took a couple of moments for it to be as strong as Kemi wanted, and a split second later he released the beam straight at a large mountain in front of him, “Explosive Afro Wave!” The blue energy easily decimated the Mountain and Kemi smiled slightly; another technique he had mastered. And once again, it was all thanks to that 'fro.
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PostSubject: Re: Training Explosive Afro (Demon) Wave   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:53 pm

Since the admin isn't around, please keep track of things in your signature.

You get Explosive Afro Wave + 1,000 Powerlevel
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Training Explosive Afro (Demon) Wave
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