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 Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon

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PostSubject: Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon   Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 11:44 am

The desert. It was such a peaceful and reserved atmosphere; everywhere in sight was sand, sand and more sand. No Saiyan children (with no tails, because he cut it off for being in Oozaru and almost killing him) or Human Schoolgirls who made him climb Korin's Tower with, simply with the aim of killing his brother Roderick in an attempt to become God... Who needed to be God anyways? They had to face that Genie. With those eyes. Oh, those eyes. Such awful eyes. The pure essence of awesomeness, malice and pure fear all rolled up into one short, fat, black genie. Known as Popo. Kemi hadn't even met the Genie, yet from what Roderick had said he sounded quite the person to meet.

Be that as it may, the afro headed Namekian was not in the desert simply for the fact of thinking about what his brother was up to. Oh no. He was there to train for an attack he had heard of. He had heard of when a Saiyan named Raditz had come to the Earth and got into a fight with another Saiyan named Goku or Kakkarot and one of his own race, the son of King Piccolo... Called Piccolo. Well, wasn't that an original name. However, Kemi wished to learn of this attack which supposedly killed both of these Saiyans. Known as the Special Beam Cannon, which Kemi would affectionately rename the Afro Beam Cannon; it had to be original.

“Haaaaaaaaaah.” The Namek was sat in the Lotus Position, channelling his Ki from his forehead into his fingers, in an attempt to charge this ability to its maximum. From what he had heard this technique was able to pierce through almost anything after being charged enough; it broke through Raditz' armour and killed Goku too, so it would obviously be a useful ability to have for battle, even if he preferred to steer away from it. “Haaaaaaaaaaah.” He closed his eyes tighter, and focused more, his power level steadily rising in accordance with the channelling of Ki.

“Haaaa-” A large roar, accompanied by a rhythmic pattering of feet, which were apparently closing in on the Namekian stopped the Green Alien in the middle of his training. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see a rather large dinosaur coming towards him. He didn't want to be interrupted, so he came out to the desert not to get interrupted, oh and then guess what, he gets interrupted. This day could only get better; much better. Getting up and brushing himself off, he flew up in the air just above where the dinosaur couldn't reach and looked down at the creature.

The dinosaur was rather confused by the slug person thing floating above his head without any form of material to stand on. It was still snapping rather ferociously at Kemi even though he wasn't going to get there, but he hoped that he would come down eventually. Kemi himself, after watching the dinosaur's feeble attempts for a couple of a moments, let out a long and drawn out sigh. “STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” And with that he grabbed the dinosaur by the head and after swinging it around, launched it miles into the distance. After watching it fly so far that'd more than likely die or be far away, so it'd leave him alone for long enough to train this ability.

After floating back down to the spot he was in before, and patting his afro for a couple of moments, the Namekian went back into the Lotus Position and began to once again charge his Ki from his forehead into his fingers. “Haaaaaaaaaah.” And as it had been before, the Namekian's Power Level began to steadily rise. Now he was alone, the process was much quicker and easier than it had been before. He could pretty much feel that he was nearing the stage where he could use it to its full potential. It could pierce through anything, so yeah, it'd be good for fighting.


Then... A familiar noise returned. The dinosaur had returned to wreak its revenge upon the slug green man thing who had thrown him miles away, conveniently onto a large sand dune, which had broken the creature's fall. The rhythmic pattering of footsteps returned just at the moment Kemi felt a sudden surge of energy. “AFRO BEAM CANNON!” And with that a large energy wave at the dinosaur. The impact was rather spectacular, piercing right through the creature's chest and sending it flying it back on the floor, lifeless.

Kemi blinked a couple of times... It had worked. And it was all thanks to the 'fro.
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PostSubject: Re: Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon   Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 7:41 pm

Special Beam Afro Cannon obtained

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Training Afro (Special) Beam Cannon
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