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I. Korin's Tower
You've heard of Korin's tower, belonging to a cat named Korin. The tower seems to stretch into oblivion, will you be able to climb it?
Requirements: None
Rewards: +500 PL, Access to Korin's Tower

II. Sacred Water
You've reached the top of the tower, and you've met Korin. He tells you about the Sacred Water, and how it can increase your speed and strength dramatically, but you have to catch him. It so turns out Korin looks faster and stronger than he looks. . .
Requirements: Completed ' Korin's Tower '
Rewards: +1,000 PL

III. Ultra Divine Water
You've caught Korin, and drank the Sacred Water, it was fake! But Korin says that chasing him and holding him down increased your strength and speed dramatically. He now tells you about the Ultra Divine Water, and it will increase your strength dramatically, but, theres a high chance you'll die. He says that many have drank the Ultra Divine Water, but only few have ever survived, will you survive?
Requirements: Completed ' Sacred Water '
Rewards: +2,500 PL

IV. Flying Numbus
Korin has informed you about the Flying Nimbus, a cloud that can carry passengers that are pure of heart. You want one, and the only way to get one is to convince him that your pure enough to ride it.
Requirements: Completed ' Korin's Tower ', +25 Alignment needed for automatic completion, if below +25 the lower the harder it'll be to convince Korin.
Rewards: Flying Numbus

V. Senzu Beans ( Can be repeated )
Korin has been known to grow Senzu beans, and give them to those who need them. Korin will give you one, IF, you do some chores, favors, and some other things.
Requirements: Completed ' Korin's Tower '
Rewards: Senzu Bean ( 1 )

VI. Master Roshi's Magazines
You've been looking for a master to train you, Master Roshi seems to be a suitable Master, you made it to his island, and he lost his magazines, he promises to train you if you find all three of them.
Requirements: None
Rewards: Access to Master Roshi's Island, Turtle Hermit Gi

VII. Learning from the Turtle Hermit
You've been accepted as a student of the Turtle Hermit, he puts a rather large Turtle Shell on your back, he tells you to get used to it in one day. He says after one day, he'll spar you, and you'll have to wear it during the spar!
Requirements: Completed ' Master Roshi's Magazines '
Rewards: +500 PL, Turtle Shell

VIII. Learning the Kamehameha
You've been training with the Turtle Hermit for quite some time now, Master Roshi wishes to finalize your training. Hes going to teach you the Kamehameha, you'll need to destroy a boulder in the process too.
Requirements: Completed ' Learning from the Turtle Hermit '
Rewards: +1,000 PL, Kamehameha

IX. The Crane Hermit
You've been looking for a master to train you, the Crane Hermit seems to be a suitable master. The only problem is, that you have to find him, then spar with him.
Requirements: None
Rewards: +500 PL, Crane Hermit Gi

X. Learning from the Crane Hermit ( Can be repeated )
You've been accepted as a student by the Crane Hermit, hes going to give you your fist assignment. Your assignment, is to tame a monster, and use it to terrorize a village, and reap the rewards by pretending to defeat it, again, and again, and again. . .
Requirements: Completed ' The Crane Hermit '
Rewards: +1,000 PL, +250 Zennie, -5 Alignment

XI. Learning the Dodon Ray
You've been training with the Crane Hermit for quite some time now, he wishes to finalize your training, but teaching you the Dodon Ray!
Requirements: Completed ' Learning from the Crane Hermit '
Rewards: +1,500 PL, Dodon Ray

XII. Police Recruitment
The Police are having trouble with the Local God Fathers, they need new recruits to help them enforce the law.
Requirements: Must not be apart of the God Father's Family
Rewards: +250 Zennie, +250 PL, +5 Alignment

XIII. Protect the Bank
Your now apart of the force, and the Local God Father is planning on a bank Robbery, its your job to prevent it.
Requirements: Completed ' Police Recruitment '
Rewards: +500 Zennie, +500 PL, +10 Alignment

XIV. Protect the station!
The local God Father has attacked the Police Station! Protect the Police Station and your fellow Police members!
Requirements: Completed ' Protect the Bank '
Rewards: +750 Zennie, +750 PL, +15 Alignment

XV. The God Father
The local God Father needs someone to show the police hes not joking around anymore, he needs someone to kill the recruits. Normally, he would ask a member of the family, but he thinks you can do the job.
Requirements: Must not be apart of the Police Force
Rewards: +250 Zennie, +250 PL, -5 Alignment

XVI. A New Member of the Family
The Local God Father is impressed by your work, he offers you a position in the family. He needs you to swear a Blood Oath. After the Blood Oath, he'll need you to extort some local business'.
Requirements: Completed ' The God Father '
Rewards: +500 Zennie, +500 PL, -10 Alignment

XVII. Pay Back
Another Local God Father has attacked your Familie's warehouse, the God Father is not pleased, he wants you to not raid the other God Father's warehouse, but he wants you to destroy it, and kill all witnesses.
Requirements: Completed ' A New Member of the Family '
Rewards: +750 Zennie, +750 PL, -15 Alignment

XVIII. Protect the God Father
The other God Father is not happy, he has conducted a full blown assault on your God Father's head quarters! The Raid was a failure, and your God Father is giving out a reward for anyone who can kill the other God Father. The other God Father's PL is about 25,000.
Requirements: Completed ' Pay Back '
Rewards: +1,000 Zennie, +1,000 PL, -20 Alignment
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