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I. Saiyan Market
You are in the Market, and a man calls you, he turns out to be the man in charge of the entire Market. He gives you a job, he wants you too help increase profits, by keeping out the ' destructive ' people, and by helping sell merchandise. The catch? The ' destructive ' people, are often drunk young High Class warriors, they are a particular group of 5 people. They each have a power level of 15,000, and since they are drunk, making them feel less pain, luckily for you they are young, and have barely any training.
Requirements: None
Reward: New Saiyan Market Card ( 10% Discount on all purchases ( On New Saiyan ) ), -5 Alignment ( If you kill or severly injure the ' Destructive people ' ), +5 Alignment ( If you persuade them to leave. ), + 1,000 Power Level

II. Saiyan Pirates!
You saw a posting, a posting made by the Saiyan Government! Its a post stating a gang of pirates, and they are requested for the leader to be brought alive, but dead will be fine. They each have a Power Level of 10,000, the leader has a Power Level of 25,000. There are about 12 pirates, and they have one leader.
Requirements: None
Reward: +25,000 Zennie ( If brought alive ), +10,000 Zennie ( If brought dead ), +7,500 Power Level

III. The Saibamen chamber
You have heard of the Saibaman chamber, you want to train in it. But the man that runs it, refuses to let you in, he says you must do a test, you must fight 5 Saibamen, with the power of 15,000 each.
Requirements: None
Reward: +5,000 Power Level, access to the Saibaman chambers, ability to fight against normal Saibamen.
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