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 Korin's Tower

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PostSubject: Korin's Tower   Korin's Tower EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 6:49 pm


Nuchiha was on Earth, he hard of a cat named Korin, and how he had a immensely large tower... Nuchiha suspected Korin built it himself, and that he was powerful, Nuchiha was pleased... He then went towards Korin's tower, and was confronted by someone... " You! Your trying to conquer Earth! I won't allow you! " The man said, as he charged towards Nuchiha, Nuchiha charged some energy in his right hand, he then punched the man in the face with his left hand. And then proceeded to backhand slap him with his left hand, then he released a strong energy blast with his right hand that he was charging. The man fell, then he got back up, Nuchiha then charged at him and did a round house kick on the side of the man's head. The man, was on the ground, Nuchiha looked down at him...

The man then ate a Senzu Bean, and all of his wounds were healed, and he got back up, and Nuchiha realized the man had, a dragon ball!? " Give me the Dragon Ball! " Nuchiha said, " No, your, your not going to get it! " The man said, as he tried to punch Nuchiha, Nuchiha then blocked the punch, grabbing the man's left arm. Nuchiha then proceeded to break it, then followed it up with a knee to the chin, then he would kick the man across the face. The man fell, Nuchiha then went up to him, and looked at him in anger, and shot him with a ki blast, the man's body barely survived. Nuchiha reached for the Dragon Ball, but then the man did one final act, and threw it as hard and as far as he could. Nuchiha was able to easily catch it, he was much faster as well as stronger than the man. Nuchiha then charged a ki blast, and killed the man...

Nuchiha then began to proceed to Korin's Tower, he found it soon, it was easily seen... Nuchiha then quickly flew up, and was almost to the top, the man, actually was alive, he flew to Nuchiha, jumped on his back, and exploded. Nuchiha began to fall, but easily recovered, and wasn't injured, the man was considerably weak. Nuchiha then soon made it to the top.....
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also -5 Alignment

Fake Dragon Ball obtained...

Remember, you need to fight a guardian with the power of x20 KAIO - KEN! That's at least, 200,000 PL.....
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Korin's Tower
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