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 Korin's tower

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PostSubject: Korin's tower   Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:12 pm

It had been awhile since Tulo had trained, he was a bit freaked out by the fact he killed the man Kinoko. He had heard stuff from Roshi about a guy named Korin who would train someone and make them incredibly strong. He had a strange face when he was told this, but whatever he had headed out to find this tower the goal was to climb it and not cheat in any way. Shouldn't be too hard right? Well it seemed climbing it was a much harder thing then what it looked like. Falling wouldn't be a problem, and neither was failure it would just be like more training to him.

Beginning his climb from the bottom he climbed quickly after several hours it was starting to get to his arms... thats right soreness from his other training sessions, it might of been better if he had waited a bit longer. However it proved not much of a difference as he eventually made way to the top. He didn't see any master just a floating cat with a stick.
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Korin's tower
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