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 market quest

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PostSubject: market quest    Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:20 am

She wasn't completely sure why she was here. She didn't have much
money, in any sense of the word - and this place was far too medieval
for her to to even think of shoplifting from one of the people selling
their wares for whatever reason or purpose they may serve. She didn't
see anything she really liked, either - the simple fact that she rarely
wore armor or anything of the sort - she really had no use for the
stretchable armor her fellow people wore, as her ability to transform
into that monster by the moonlight had been gone before she had ever
gotten the chance to use it. All in all, it was a waste of time for her to
wander, her black heeled boots tapping ever so lightly against the stone
ground beneath her, the wind pushing her hair back from her face,
revealing those cold crystalline eyes to the world around her. The shadow.
Few seemed to notice the woman moving through the market, out of place
yet so fitting for the environment, her obviously feminine features displayed
with pride rather than hidden by armor and battle-worn skin. It had been a
blessing to be raised by the Shardonians, however repulsively backwards
they were.

No amount of hardened leather on her skin could hide the fact that she did,
in fact, care for the people of that backwards planet. She couldn't shake it,
no matter what kind of tough girl act she hoisted into the air. Be a shadow.
Be invisible. Be safe. That's what her adopted father had said. Was he right?
Strike back when hit. Attack when attacked. She was an accident waiting to
happen. She glanced to the side, looking over the various equipment, picking
up a scouter for a moment and then placing it back down, the thought of
wearing the head piece for jollies not really striking a nerve with the woman,
so her eyes ventured away, going towards another shop when several loud
sounds coming from behind her caught her attention. She quickly moved to
the side, allowing five or so young men - younger than her, she surmised -
run past her, yelling and carrying on, while heading towards the same shop
she was going towards, their demeanours screaming of drunkness, as was
their stench. Zipporah wrinkled her nose, continuing in her designated path
towards the store, the straps on her black pants swaying in the wind. Perhaps
she would at least get some amusement out of these drunkards. That would at
least give her some reasoning on still being there.

"Hey, you!"

She opened her eyes, staring up at the man who'd come out of the store,
addressing her as if she had done something wrong. Zipporah raised an eyebrow,
looking around for a moment and then back at the man. She didn't say a word,
rather simply acknowledging his words and waiting for him to speak further. If he
got angry, she would simply pretend to be mute. It wasn't that hard. The man
blundered over towards her.

"You. You wanna earn some quick cash?"

Zipporah's face soured. Surely he didn't mean what she assumed he meant. If so,
she was in trouble - and there was little she could really do to get out of it but run.
Honestly. She didn't look like a prostitute today, did she? She gave him a look.

"You seen them boys run by here? They've been giving me a hell of
a lot of trouble here lately. How's about I give you a Market Card if you get rid of
'em for me?"

Zipporah stared for a moment, before looking past the man towards the group of
boys. What did she do to deserve this? A Market Card did give her some odd
percentage of a discount - which she did need at the moment, being low on funds
and unwilling to sink so low. She crossed her arms over the black corset that bound
her waist down, before glancing back at the man and sighing. The pros outweighed
the cons. At worst, she'd get the hell beat out of her and learn from it.

"If you had caught me in a worse mood, I would have turned
you down. Fine. I'll see what I can do."

She stepped past the man, towards where the group had last been seen.

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market quest
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