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 Saiyan Market

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Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
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PostSubject: Saiyan Market   Sat May 22, 2010 9:43 pm


Nuchiha, was walking in the Market, until a man approached him, he recognized he was the man he left in charge of the market. " King! King Nuchiha! Help! I need you to deal with these. . . Hooligans, I don't have the time to do so, and if I do this myself, something might happen to the market! " The man said, " Hmm, fine, but I expect to be, compensated. " Nuchiha said, as he left, and he saw 5 young Saiyan Men. They were, obviously drunk, Nuchiha approached them, " Hmph, its time to teach you a lesson! " Nuchiha said, as he looked at his Scouter, there power levels, were about 15,000. " OH! HEY! Its the King! The stupid King! " A man said, as the rest laughed, " You just made the last mistake you'll ever make. . . " Nuchiha mumbled. Nuchiha charged at the man, kicking him into the air, and teleporting in front of him, only to be hit again, Body Flicker wasn't as fast as Instant Transmission.

Nuchiha fell, so did the man, he got back up, to see that the man was charging at him, Nuchiha jumped over him, kicked him in the head. The man fell, holding his head, Nuchiha went up to him, and picked him up, he punched him, it went straight through him, and Nuchiha threw the man. Another man charged at him, Nuchiha kicked the man in the stomach, stunning him, Nuchiha then kneed him in the head. Nuchiha then jumped, and dropped on the man's chest, going completely dead weight, crushing his rib cage, and his organs. The last three men charge at him, Nuchiha charged at the man in the middle, kicked him in the chest, he punched the man to his right, and then elbowed the man to his left with the same arm after he punched the other guy.

A crowd began to form a circle around the fight, wanting to see the fight. Nuchiha then round house kicked one of the guys in the face, breaking his jaw. Nuchiha spun around, knee'ing another guy in the chin, Nuchiha jumped into the air. Nuchiha then launched 12 ki blasts at the area, Nuchiha then charged into the smoke, and rammed a guy. Nuchiha then punched the guy in the forehead, breaking it, killing him. Nuchiha then tried to kick another man, but he grabbed his leg, Nuchiha flipped himself, making the man fall down, hitting his head, and die. The smoke cleared, and people saw the rather large mess Nuchiha made.

The man that Nuchiha punched through, got up, and charged at Nuchiha, Nuchiha charged a Galick Gun,and shot it,burning the man to death, with severe 3rd degree burns. All of the men were dead, Nuchiha then approached the man that was in charge of the market. " My reward? " Nuchiha said, " Oh, oh yes! Yo. . . Your reward! Ju. . . Just be. . . Just be careful if you come into the market OK?? " The man said, he then realized what he said. " U. . . Uh . . I . . I'm So. . . I'm Sorry! Please Forgive me!! " The man said. The man gave Nuchiha a card, " Haha! Your forgiven, what does this card do? " Nuchiha said, " Use it, and you get a 10% discount on everything in the New Saiyan Market! " The man said. " I'm the King! Don't I get everything for free?? " Nuchiha said, " O. . . Oh. . . Well, Umm. . . " The man said, " Ahaha! I'm just kidding! " Nuchiha said, as he left.
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyan Market   Sat May 22, 2010 9:46 pm

Whoa, man, a lot longer than your normal work. And, brutal, Approved, instead of -5 Alignment, I'm givin' ya' -10!
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Saiyan Market
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