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 i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!}

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i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!} Empty
PostSubject: i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!}   i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!} EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 12:37 am

i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!} B29
i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!} Frt

Deception. Destruction. Such words rang out in this place and so
many eagerly volunteered to lay their lives down. For what reason?
It was in their blood. That was just how they were. You can't help
how you are, can you? You can't just.. change, right? No one really
thought so, and no one really cared either. She'd never met anyone
who simply wanted to be non-violent for the most part,
other than herself. Sure, she did enjoy the thrill of battle, that was no
lie. But she didn't seek it out so much that it could be thought of as
an obsession. That was the problem - they were obsessed beyond any
reason. They wouldn't listen to others, they wouldn't step back when
they knew their were outpowered, outnumbered, whatever. That's
what had gotten the majority of them killed before. She was so glad
she hadn't been around for that. There would have been far too many
opportunities to just say, 'I told you so'.

When she had arrived on this New planet - a fourth in the series now,
as the others had been destroyed - she had resisted the urge to rub
it in a bit. She simply tried not to think about it - rather wondering why
no one had learned from the past so far, the simple fact that now three
home planets had been destroyed, you would think someone would get
the hint that, perhaps, just perhaps, something was wrong. But she had
no say in the matter. That was to be dealt with by the royals, who were
pretty much non-existent in themselves. The place had no real organization,
so many nameless faces with no one really to turn to for any sort of
guidance. Not that Zipporah herself needed guidance of all things - but the
thought of finding a training partner of sorts didn't seem to sound so bad.
She'd not been around her own kind for far too long now.

The fact that she was looming near thirty and still not even with a steady
man lingered in the back of her head. What would her mother say?
Something about the girl being awkward and prude, that's what her mother
would have said. But she was dead, so her opinion didn't really matter
anymore. Neither did her father's. No one's did. Zipporah's boots tapped
against the ground ahead of her as she continued walked, more checking
things out that anything else. They'd fashioned the place to look so much
like Vegeta it was almost eerie, but there wasn't much to be seen on Vegeta
- which meant the same thing here. She felt almost out of place anymore,
those chocolate locks not pin straight, the waves seeming to be completely
different than everyone around her, and the lack of armor caused her to
stick out like a sore thumb, as did the lack of a tail.

Oh yes, she felt horribly out of place. At least no one was dumb enough
to stare at her. Dumb enough. Who was she kidding? What would she do,
squeal like a little girl and hope their ear drums busted? Zipporah wasn't
stupid. She probably couldn't take on one of the men around here, much
less the several that would inevitably jump her if she said something out
of line. Still. It didn't matter. One thing she had learned on Shardonya was
how to be a shadow - a simple technique that involved keeping her mouth
shut and her eyes and ears open. Hopefully that would keep her out of trouble.

i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!} Gr
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i'll never talk again -- {OPEN THREAD!!}
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