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 Kinoko Training

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PostSubject: Kinoko Training   Kinoko Training EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 3:23 am

Kinoko's Training In The Mountains

Since Kinoko has returned home, he decided to leave the main city and live in the wild, he couldn't sleep in his small quarters because it reminded him of his cell from his time on Acenes as a slave. So, he would be a lone saiyan, surviving in the mountains. A lone saiyan that would still be loyal to the Saiyan Empire and his people.

The sun was just coming up, as Kinoko was finishing his morning warm up.

"...1,998...1,999...2,000!" Counts Kinoko aloud as he finishes the last three push-ups.

"There, that should have me pretty warmed up for some intense traing." He thinks to himself.

As he starts to raise his power, a stranger approaches by flight in the distance. In an instant the saiyan was face to face with Kinoko. Kinoko backflips and lands in a fighting stance.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Asks Kinoko.

The stranger stares through Kinoko for a moment with hate filled eyes and responds, "I heard you had come back from your mission on Acenes and I wanted to see my old punching bag."

"Old punching bag?" Kinoko says to himself confused.

Then it comes to Kinoko, this was Orenji, his rival as a child. "Orenji." Kinoko says as Orenji is staring at him.

Orenji wore a royal combat suit and cape decorated with many medals. He was definitely successful at what he done and carried himself with pride and discipline. He was a military brat that was weaker than most in his position but because his father was high up on the totem pole, he gained special privledges and easy missions.

"So, what do you want?" Kinoko asks.

"Well, I was walking in the city the other day and heard a rumor that you defeated four outlaw saiyans all by yourself. Four outlaw saiyans that were my mission to kill! When someone weaker than me does my job for me, it makes me look bad and I've come to make sure it never happens again!" Orenji yells.

"Do your job and I wouldn't have to, besides I wasn't even looking for a fight with them. They attacked me first." Kinoko says calmly.

"Well, we won't have to worry about another incident like this again. Because this is your last seconds on this planet." Orenji says in a cocky tone. "Such a shame to have survived all those years on Acenes and then come to your home planet only to be killed. Ah, irony."

With those words Orenji charges at Kinoko full force and plants his shoulder right into Kinoko's gut, sending him flying through the mountainside. Orenji slowly walks toward Kinoko. "You should have really been wearing your scouter earlier, then you would have known I was coming and made a run for it." Orenji laughs. "You see, I was tracking you ever since I heard of your homecoming. I wanted to kill you for myself before you were sent on another mission light years away. By the way, I have the higher power level if you were wondering. It is around 3,000 and I'm going to kill you with every ounce of it!"

Orenji flies toward Kinoko and stops right in front of the battered body and grabs Kinoko by the hair and starts to punch him in the throat. Orenji pulls Kinoko by the hair from the crumbling mountainside and throws him to the ground. Kinoko's body lands with a sickening thud and starts an avalanche that comes crashing down on him. Orenji lands on the rubble and starts to taunt Kinoko.

"You haven't died on me already have you? I remember you being stronger as a child. Is it possible that you have become weaker?" Orenji mocks.

As soon as Orenji finishes that sentence, Kinoko's fist bursts from the rocks and lands directly in Orenji's balls. Orenji lets out a blood curdling yell and drops to a knee stunned and nauseous. Kinoko flies out of the rubble and over Orenji's head. Kinoko floats above Orenji's knelt down figure and begins to charge ki into his leg. Kinoko flies down, kicking Orenji in the back of the head, sending him crashing face down into a large boulder, that shatters under the powerful impact.

Kinoko charges ki into his hands and fires dozens of blasts at the body of Orenji. Clearing the rubble from the battle site and making dozens of craters. After the smoke clears Kinoko searches for a body that is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Orenji grabs Kinoko from behind and begins to bear hug him, as he snarls, "I'm going to crush the life out of you for that stunt you pulled back there!"

Kinoko's breathing is getting shorter and shorter. Kinoko begins to elbow Orenji in the ribs to get away and then headbutts him in the face with the back of his head, breaking Orenji's nose, sending blood pouring from his face and blinding him for a split second. Kinoko is beaten, but nowhere near defeated. He begins to power up as much as he can and pulls all of his energy into arm making a red energy sword.

"What do you think you're going to do with that? You won't even get a chance to hit me!" Orenji yells.

Kinoko charges as Orenji begins to fly back evading every deadly swipe. Kinoko stops and shoots the energy sword's energy from his hand, hitting Orenji in the shoulder shattering his armor and destroying a couple of his medals. Orenji coughs from the impact. Kinoko dashes toward him for a follow up attack but is met with an elbow that lands right in his ribs breaking them, stopping him dead in his tracks. Orenji grabs Kinoko by the skull with both hands and sends energy to his hands and directly into Kinoko's head sending him skipping across the ground and over the cliff and landing into a river.

"I've wasted too long dealing with you...consider yourself lucky, not many people live to see my final attack." Orenji says as he flies into the sky and sizing up his target.

Orenji puts both hands in front of him, palms out and thumb beside thumb. He targets Kinoko's body that is floating down the rapids and begins to send all of his energy to his palms. "Primal Blast!!!" Orenji shouts as he sends the energy toward Kinoko's body. The energy glows a dark, violet color and is released in the shape of a square. The blast gets closer and closer to the defenseless body of Kinoko and hits him, sending him underwater right before the explosion sends water so high that it seems like it is raining.

"I won't have to worry about him again." Orenji says matter-of-factly and flies off towards the main city.

Hours later the body of Kinoko is on the river bank miles away from where the battle started. A twitch in his fingers says that he is still alive. Just then, two saiyan royal guards that are on patrol come across the body of Kinoko and check to see if he is still alive. The guards hoist the injured saiyan up and take him back to the main city to be put in the rejuvination tank.

Days later Kinoko awakens to find himself submerged in a tank and being monitored. "You'll have to stay here for a couple of more days. The guards found you while they were on patrol and their scouters signaled them to a dying saiyan. You're lucky." The doctor stated. "We'll have you up and at 'em in a couple of days.

(In short, I trained for Exp.)

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Kinoko Training
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