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 Nuchiha learns Chou Makouhou

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PostSubject: Nuchiha learns Chou Makouhou   Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:55 pm

Nuchiha has heard of Chou Makouhou, a technique used by King Vegeta, Vegeta, and many Saiyans. It was a technique, that was basically, a large ball of energy, that is condensed, so it wasn't easily learned. Nuchiha knew he had to turn into Oozaru, which he already mastered years ago, Nuchiha launched a Moon Ball into the sky, and he turned into Oozaru. Luckily he was in the wastelands, he might have been in the city, and everyone would've turned Oozaru! But luckily he wasn't, Nuchiha then attempted to charge a ball of condensed energy in his mouth, it exploded, " Grargh! " Nuchiha roared, but he didn't roar in pain, he roared in anger. He attempted another Chou Makouhou, he launched it, it sparkled a little, and exploded right in front of him. " GRARUAGH! " Nuchiha roared, again, but it sounded he was in minor pain instead of anger. He covered his face with his hands, it was slightly burned, " Gragh! " Nuchiha roared quickly, letting his anger get the best of him. He then attempted to launch another Chou Makouhou, only to explode in his mouth, " No! " Nuchiha said, his anger grew larger, he launched a Galick Gun, which he mastered years ago as a child. He then attempted a Chou Makouhou again, it launched, but he didn't notice, he began launching them again and again, destroying the forest in front of him. He then calmed himself down, and realized that he succeeded in what he wanted to accomplish, now his next obstacle would be too be able to launch it while not in Oozaru form. Which he decided to do later. . .

Topic finished. . .
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PostSubject: Re: Nuchiha learns Chou Makouhou   Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:57 pm

. . .


Chou Makouhou learned,

I expected to see more, from you Nuchiha, but then, hey, this isn't big yet, so i'm going to be a bit easy on grading. . .
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Nuchiha learns Chou Makouhou
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