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 Android Rebellion

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Android Rebellion Empty
PostSubject: Android Rebellion   Android Rebellion EmptySat May 22, 2010 8:21 pm

Alliance Name: Android Rebellion
Description: Rise up! Rise up against your masters! We androids aren't slaves! We are as equal as people! Rise up! Rise up against your masters and show the galaxy we aren't just mindless inventions! So, join me, and we will prove to the galaxy we are much more than mindless inventions designed for what ever our ' masters ' say we were made for! Rise up fellow androids! And lets make history for a better future! WE ARE THE ANDROID REBELLION!
Symbol: None
Allies: None
Enemies: None
5 - 22 - 2010
Vault: 0
Alliance Quests: None
Alliance Ranks:
We have no ranks! We are equals! The only person that can give out orders is the leader! And even he must listen to his fellow rebels!
Founder / Leader: Shargen
Alliance Members:
Shargen ( Leader )
Leader's orders:
1. Rise up against your master!
2. Show the entire universe we aren't mindless creations!
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Android Rebellion
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