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PostSubject: Combat   Combat EmptyWed May 19, 2010 5:08 pm

Combat, or battling, can be a simple spar, to a training session, to as far as a Death Match!

Damage depends on Power Levels, if your Power level is 10,000, ad your opponents is 1,000, your going to do a lot more damage than the other player can do.

Combat is also a turn based system, you must post in order, if you post out of order your post will be ignored. You also can't God Mod, which is making your character invincible and impossible to hit.

Techniques are attacks that require Ki. You can use techniques only if you learned them. If you didn't learn the technique you can't use it. If your technique clashes with the opponent's technique, the player with a higher Power Level is likely to win, unless you can overpower your opponent ( Using a item, transforming, and so on )

If you want to fight for Items, Zennie and so on, you can.

If its a deathmatch, you fight to the Death, unless you want to run or spar your opponent or something. If your opponent is evil and you kill him, you gain +5 Alignment, if you spar him, you gain +10 Alignment. If your opponent is Good or Neutral, you'll get -5 Alignment, if you torture them or something, that will depend on how severe it is.
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