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PostSubject: Orejin   Orejin EmptyThu Apr 21, 2011 5:16 pm


Name: Orejin
Nickname: Ore
Alias: No
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Majin
Starting Location: Earth
Special Characteristics: Silver colored skin, Expert Sword training
Personality: Usually Kind but does have a temper
Personality Traits: Kind, Short Temper


Height: 6''9
Weight: 215
Hair Color: N/A
Hair Style: N/A
Skin Tone: Silver
Build: Muscular
Appearance: Orejin stands around 2 feet shorter than Super Buu looking much the same though his skin is silver colored instead of pink. He has a vest on and a sword along with the usual Majin Pants.
Handiness: Ambidextrous


Personal History:

Orejin was created to be evil, however several explosions a failed experiment the majin was turned from evil to good. He ended up destroying the lab he was created in and destroyed the very person who created him. Orejin stole his creator’s airship and took off in search of adventure and a home to call his own. Unfortunately when he crashed on Earth the ship was totaled and he spends most of his time training and working trying to figure a way away from the planet because of how most people treat him.

He has a silver aura and is usually spotted in flight as he heads two and from area’s in search of spare parts and training areas since he is still very destructive in his attacks. He can’t really help it to much but is working on understanding and learning several things at once. He has managed to work a few odds and end jobs in order to keep himself fed but he usually just ends up getting into trouble and being forced to retreat from the area or fight the police and other men. He currently is living on the edge of a set of mountains . He hasn’t been forced to move yet though he doesn’t work in any nearby towns in order to avoid trouble.
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