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 Sacred Water ( WIP )

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PostSubject: Sacred Water ( WIP )   Sacred Water ( WIP ) EmptyThu Sep 23, 2010 10:20 pm


As Nuchiha made it to the top of the tower, he was greeted by Korin. ' Got to earn this cat's trust, and get what I want... ' Nuchiha thought. He then looked at Korin, " You here for the Sacred Water? " Korin said, " What's the Sacred Water? " Nuchiha said. " Well, the Sacred Water, if you drink it, it'll increase your strength and speed... Wait, aren't you one of those Saiyan guys? " Korin said. " Uhh, yeah, but errr, " Nuchiha said, " Hah, I don't care if your a Saiyan, some others passed by some time ago. " Korin said. " Can I have the Sacred Water? " Nuchiha said, " No, you have to get it from me, " Korin said, as he ran. Nuchiha chased after Korin, Nuchiha then jumped at Korin, as he was jumping, Korin ran again, Nuchiha fell off the tower. Nuchiha was able to re - balance himself, he then got back on the tower, and grabbed him from the edge. Nuchiha held him in the air, and grabbed the water, Korin then began to scratch and claw him.

Nuchiha was feeling sharp pain on his face, Nuchiha set Korin on the tower barely able to keep up his nice act. Nuchiha then chased Korin again, and ran around the tower at least two time, Nuchiha then jumped, and barely just barely missed him. Nuchiha was chasing him again, and they were running past the Senzu Bean plants, Nuchiha didn't take notice. Nuchiha then finally caught Korin and took the water, he then greedily drank the entire bottle... " Hey... There's nothing special about it... You lied?? " Nuchiha said, being ' nice '. " No, By chasing me you increased your speed, by withstanding my scratches it made you stronger heh heh... " Korin said...
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PostSubject: Re: Sacred Water ( WIP )   Sacred Water ( WIP ) EmptySat Feb 26, 2011 6:00 pm

Easy quest, small PL Approved

Plus your kinda x30 stronger than Kid Goku so easy for someone at your level >_>
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Sacred Water ( WIP )
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