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Alliances are a user feature in Neversaga, here, characters may build a alliance, for intentions, ambition plans, or for pretty much anything. If you wish to create a alliance, go to the forum ' Alliances ', and copy and paste the template onto a new topic.

Planet Ownership

Yes, Alliances can own planets, to own a planet, you must claim it, and if another person wants it, they have to declare war, which we'll explain in the next section! When you own a planet, you can build bases and structures on it, you can also do this on other planets if you have permission.

Planet Ownership

Earth: E.D.F ( Earth Defense Force )

New Saiyan: Saiyan Empire

Frieze #79: No one

Namek: No one

Arlia: No one

Kannasa: No one

MK. II: No one

Tuffle: No one

Yardrat: No one


When someone else owns a planet, and you want it, you can negotiate a deal, or declare war! When you declare war, you can do anything you want, raid others bases, kidnap enemy officials, surrender, attempt negotiations, and so on. If you want to claim a enemy's base, there must be no enemy's present, and you can claim it.
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