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 Game News No. 6

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PostSubject: Game News No. 6   Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:02 pm

Ok, I'm back, and the site is going through a complete overhaul. I'll be changing the systems, site layout, maybe the appearance, etc.. Also, the Saiyan race is going to be limited, WHY? Well, many people choose them because they are essentially the strongest race, but the race is still attainable. Attainable by pre - selected beta - testers, and some other ways mentioned later... If your approved and your a Saiyan, you get to keep your race and transformations, I'll also appoint some more moderators, so your roleplays shall be graded faster and more efficiently, also, Nuchiha101, shall be kept on Admin duty due to being one of the more active members. I'll also be adding a Forum Council soon, more information on them will be added soon.....
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Game News No. 6
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