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 Darkness region

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PostSubject: Darkness region   Darkness region EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 10:06 am

Alliance Name:Darkness region.

Description:We plan on universe destruction and we have a symbol.


Allies:Evil and neutral are our allies.

Enemies:The light(Good).

History:It all started when Janemba turned to his true form.When gogeta destroyed him then all the evil escaped and combined with a saiyan who had eternal anger.That saiyan was Brock and he made this alliance to lead evil to victory.


Alliance Quests:None

Alliance Ranks:



Rank3.Super villain.

Rank4.Super villain assistant.



Rank7.City destroyer.

Rank8.Dark saiyan.

Rank9.Haft evil.

Rank10.Normal evil.


Founder / Leader:Only me.

Alliance Members:

Leader's orders:Destroy good no matter what and respect better alliance members from darkness region.Show no mercy to good.Try to be more menacing then others but don't be annoying.

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Darkness region
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