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Gender:Male or unknown.

Race:Saiyan/Majin/Bio android/changling/android/human/demon/unknown/namekian/Legendary super saiyan/Kai/Bibidi/dragon.

Starting Location:Planet Brock.

Special Characteristics:Can absorb and create new races and planets.


Personality Traits:


Height:9 feet.


Hair Color:Mostly black since evil legendary super saiyan transformations.

Hair Style:Is like broly's.

Skin Tone:Like broly's

Build:More musclebound then LSSJ3.




Personal History:Great great great great great grandfather of Broly.Was sent to Earth's desert where Saribi(Evil little magician) was.He adopted him and when Lock(Majin buu kid form) was made he was 10 and the two potara fused.Brock was made.He has a scar which was made by saribi in the shape of M(He has control).He absorbed him.He may look normal but he has all of Lock's abilities like reforming and absorbing etc.He lived for a thousand years,training and mastering his techniques.He kept absorbing all the villains leftovers.He met Goku.Jr and vegeta.Jr.He almost got destroyed by them but he lived just barely.For a week he lay on the ground trying to recover his inguries from the battle.One day Janemba came and tried to kill him but he absorbed Janemba and became a demon.He gathered the dragon balls of Earth and called shenron.He absorbed the dragon Balls which made Shenron go inside too.He wished that broly would be brought back to life inside his body and he gained more power.After that a dark Kai comes and says that he came help him in world destruction but he absorbs the evil Kai and becomes pure evil.He wishes that the sun would be a planet called Brock with all the saiyans which were ever killed on it.He became the king of planet Brock.And he used the pods to absorb each planet's strongest fighter.He kept making planets by his evil magician and dark Kai powers combined together for saiyans to conquer.
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