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 More training...

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Name: Tulo
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PostSubject: More training...   Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:51 am

Tulo was in the wild, where he couldn't hit anyone... The death of Kinoko, the man who attacked him two times, he couldn't believe he was the one that killed him. He sighed as he looked at the surroundings. "If I could beat Kinoko then... I'll get stronger then the king." Taking notice around his surroundings he jumped backwards around four times. Then gripped his hands for a Kamehameha wave. He needed to control it more then just let the power just shoot out.

Looking at a distance he was going to shoot it out then vanish in front of the blast and take the attack without dying. It wasn't anything much however it would train his endurance and his ki reserves pushing it to the fullest. He then vanished to the end of the Kamehameha and crossed his arms taking the attack head on with his clothes ripping apart. "gah...AGAIN!" He repeated this several times until he was exhausted from energy.

Now deprived of his ki from using the Kamehameha seven times total. Clenching his fists he struggled standing up every piece of his body was aching for him to just keel over and die. "Gah... why... I need to break these limitations." Dropping to the ground from the sheer pain from his body he moved his arms in a push up position then waved the other to behind his back. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Tulo went doing push ups over and over again with one hand then switching to the other he struggled just to do simple push ups. A total of twelve hundred push ups he fell to the ground, with both arms doing that amount he couldn't find himself to stand up.

It seemed something snapped with in him from where his legs did all the work and stood up on their own. His arms hung down as he breathed heavily. Gasping for air hunched over he tired so much training, he needed to become the strongest and nothing was going to stop him. Kristin was stronger then him, then even the saiyan king Nuchichiha. It killed him on the inside knowing that, of course while he was young he didn't care who was stronger then him. He was his own fighter who didn't enjoy fighting.
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More training...
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