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 katuku hraelos complete

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Katuku Hraelos
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Katuku Hraelos

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PostSubject: katuku hraelos complete   katuku hraelos complete EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 7:37 pm


Name:Katuku Hraelos ( Put your full name )

Nickname: Katuke ( Does your character have a nickname? )

Alias: Red Glimmer ( Does your character have a Alias? )

Age: 24 ( What is your character's age? )

Gender: female ( What is your character's Gender? )

Race:bio-android ( What is your character's race? )

Starting Location: earth ( Where does your character start? )

Special Characteristics:You use your ki to absorb damage. Absorbtion(1) - You absorb your enemies health and ki with your tail.
Absorbtion(2) - After you defeat your opponet you have the option to absorb them, when you absorb people you learn all of there techniques immediatly, get all of their racial traits, and You learn all everything they know
Regeneration - You can regenerate from a single Nucleus
( Does your character have any special characteristics? )

Personality: She is smart and calm. When she is in a tough situation she is a fast thinker and goes whats in her instinct. She can have somewhat of a rude side. She likes to mess with peoples heads and take time when she is fighting to toy with her oppenents. She can be cruel to someone who made her mad. ( What is your character's personality? )

Personality Traits: Smart, decisive, and calm. ( Does your character have any personality traits? )

[u][b]Appearance look at avatar[/b][/u]

Height: 5'7 ( What is your character's height? )

Weight: 140 pounds ( What is your character's weight? )

Hair Color: black ( What is your character's hair color? )

Hair Style: long straight with pony tail( What is your character's hair style? )

Skin Tone: white ( What is your character's skin tone? )

Build: skinny and not muscley. ( What is your character's build? )

Appearance: she is somewhat tall and has long flowing black hair. she will wear a cloak either black or white depending on her mood. she has black eyes and a red ribbon in her hair. ( What does your character look like? If you provide a picture, please describe anyways. )

Handiness: ambidextrous ( Is your character Right, Left, or ambidextrous? )


Personal History: [b] Birth [/b]

She was made in a factory somewhere hidden in the mountains. A red ribbon base was still working there and they made Katuku. When they made her they were very happy about their achievment to make a bio-android. The doctor named Hatrau who made her was praised there.

[b] Training[/b]

Hatrau started training Katuku as soon as she was eight. They all neglected her feelings and made her a killing machine. They taught her how to torture and kill anyone they wanted dead. The doctor would show her videos of fighting so they would be imprinted in her mind. After five years they started to give her assignments.

[b] The misson[/b]

Katuku's first misson was to go inside a humans house and steal a chip from a computer that would further help android research. She got into the house and then she met a man standing there waiting for her. She then attacked with out warning swinging a punch at the mans face.

The human dodged and slammed his elbow into the andriods gut. Then he jumped over the android landed in back of her and rounghouse kicked her in the head. The android didnt even flinch because it didnt even hurt her at all. Then Katuku punched the man in the gut. Her hand went all the way through the humans gut. The man stared in horror as he fell down to the ground. He died shortly after that. Then Katuku got the chip and brought it back to the red ribbon base.

[b] incomplete [/b]

After her misson she was praised and went on many other missons. She was now nineteen and stronger then ever. one day returning to the base she over heard the doctor talikng to another one. " This chip holds the future in it. You saw my android and how strong she is, but this one reveals how to make even stronger ones. I feel we will have to scrap this androind and start on a new project with this one. So when you see her destroy her." Hatrau said.

Then rage over came the android. she ran in there and started killing the doctors. After she did that she took the chip and destroyed it. She ran from the base and went into hiding from the red ribbon androids.

[b] What now?[/b]

Katuku went into a town and wandered around it for a while wondering what she could do. She was only nineteen and afraid. She then killed some people and lived in thier house. Making up lies that the people moved away noone bothered her.

She lived their being normal for five years. Then she decided that she wanted revenge on humans for what they did to her and she started to train again.
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Scouter readings
Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
Race: Saiyan
Power level: 30,500

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PostSubject: Re: katuku hraelos complete   katuku hraelos complete EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 9:44 pm

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katuku hraelos complete
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