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PostSubject: Icest   Icest EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 4:19 pm

Name: ( Put your full name ) Icest
Nickname: ( Does your character have a nickname? ) Ice
Alias: ( Does your character have a Alias? ) N/A
Age: ( What is your character's age? ) 21
Gender: ( What is your character's Gender? ) N/A
Race: ( What is your character's race? ) Changlings
Starting Location: ( Where does your character start? ) Earth
Special Characteristics: ( Does your character have any special characteristics? ) Radiates coldness
Personality: ( What is your character's personality? ) nice, fun loving
Personality Traits: ( Does your character have any personality traits? ) fights for good


Height: ( What is your character's height? ) 6 foot
Weight: ( What is your character's weight? ) 140
Hair Color: ( What is your character's hair color? ) white
Hair Style: ( What is your character's hair style? ) short
Skin Tone: ( What is your character's skin tone? ) purple
Build: ( What is your character's build? ) muscles and strong
Appearance: ( What does your character look like? If you provide a picture, please describe anyways. ) Tall purple person with short white hair and muscles that stun even the toughest people
Handiness: ( Is your character Right, Left, or ambidextrous? ) Right

Background: Icest doesn't know who its parents are and was abandaned on planet earth

Personal History:It likes ot do random stuff

( PUT A FULL HISTORY, please put in arcs, )
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