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 A Normal Day....

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A Normal Day.... Empty
PostSubject: A Normal Day....   A Normal Day.... EmptyMon Jul 05, 2010 11:52 pm

Everything had gone dandy in the past two days. Like nothing was happening and nobody seemed to be doing anything. Kristin hadn't seen anyone either and she didn't really bother to train too much. Ah well, she would run into them all sooner or later. Besides Tulo, she read his note this morning about him disappearing or something. She had to admit that she was glad she wouldn't have to deal with his perverted attitude. He was a really disturbed kid. Ah well, didn't matter much to her right now. Kemi was a coo' dood and all, but he had vanished to go and learn some more abilities. Really, all this alien and super power stuff was still new to her. She understood ki fine and that people used similar powers from a long time ago. Even things like Cell were drilled into her memory from her creator talking about it. So Cell failed, and the previous creator was lost with Cell and the previous Androids, that didn't concern her. She wasn't their labrat, she was to be the last of the line in her opinion. The most advanced Android, an Android made of nothing but organic material. Biological Weapons that weren't gas.

Still, what was she to do now? She was apparently currently the strongest Earthling there, and yet even stronger than anyone else that came around. She had taken abilities from a few people so far and learned things from knowledge of other fighters. To be honest, she didn't want fighting to be her life. Yet people might come and challenge her because of her strength, it might be quite irritating. Ah well, should she get stronger just so people would be easy to defeat when she found herself challenge or in a situation where she had to. Ah well, for now she just walked down the main street in downtown carrying grocery bags.
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A Normal Day....
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