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 First true blast

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PostSubject: First true blast   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:22 pm

His final steps in training with Master Roshi at least. He had showed him the move last time they had met, however it was strange how an old man like that could create a destructive attack. The Kamehameha... it pulls out the latent energy that one holds and shoots it out at 100% This could go to his advantage, when he is in a battle bringing out everything he has! As he watched Roshi perform the kamehameha wave one last time, he was ordered to break a boulder equal to the size of what Roshi destroyed. A boulder huh? That thing look liked a freakin mountain, you couldn't see the top without flying up there. Grip your hands together and form energy into both hands with the energy constantly moving in a circle then fire it when ready. Yeaaaah, thats such a simple technique keeping the energy flowing longer then three seconds would be a challenge as it is. However if he could keep his energy flowing long enough for his explosive wave this shouldn't be too too hard should it?

He then proceeded to start his training to learn the Kamehameha Wave. Two hands cupped together with energy constantly moving. A large blue ball of energy appeared within his hands. His thoughts were "alright! I am doing it! However his constant speed of energy being fed to the ball was too much and exploded before him. Doing quite a bit of damage to him, "Damn it!" his only thoughts were as he attempted it again. "If your trying to do this for power it won't work." Roshi boldly states as the energy from his hands forms at a huge rate. The same thing happened yet again. "DAMN IT!" Tulo yelled as he punched the ground.

Roshi walks over and pats his back. "You'r filled with rage, don't be like the other saiyans who can't control their power. Calm your self completely and fire that shot you can do it." Roshi said giving some what support to Tulo's confidence. Cuffing his two hands together he looks dead at the boulder calm as can be and begins to chant the name of the attack. "Ka....-meee...-haaa...meee-HAAAA!" Tulo yelled as he fired the Kamehameha perfectly at the boulder ripping through it and hitting another one. The two boulders imploded instantly after the hole was shot through them.
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PostSubject: Re: First true blast   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:58 pm

Since the admin isn't around, please keep track of things in your signature.

Quest Completed

+1,000 PL, Kamehameha
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PostSubject: Re: First true blast   Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:20 pm

Back, quest completed
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PostSubject: Re: First true blast   

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First true blast
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