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 Kinoko: Learning the Dodon Ray

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PostSubject: Kinoko: Learning the Dodon Ray   Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:14 pm

[Kinoko: Learning the Dodon Ray]

Kinoko had been training under The Crane Hermit for some time now. He had learned many different fighting styles that he would not have been able to learn on New Saiyan. He was growing stronger by the day and was giving The Crane Hermit a run for his money.

"So, you've gotten better." The Crane Hermit says, smirking.

"Better than you." Kinoko responds.

"So it would seem." The Crane Hermit says, firing a ki blast straight at Kinoko.

Kinoko easily avoids it by jumping to the side and quickly dashes toward The Crane Hermit. The Hermit stands in a defensive position and begins to power up more. Kinoko throws a punch that is blocked by The Crane Hermit at the last moment, it makes a thunderous sound and shakes the ground around them. The Crane Hermit kicks Kinoko right above the knee and jumps back, firing ki blast at a pursuing Kinoko. Kinoko disappears only to reappear behind The Crane Hermit stopping The Crane Hermit in place with his hand and firing a ki blast right into his back.

The ki blast sends The Crane Hermit soaring through the forest as he crashes through many trees right before the blast explodes. Kinoko jumps high into the air, but is met with a dropkick from above by The Hermit sending him at a high speed down into the ground. Just before Kinoko hits the ground he fires a ki ball to the ground that slows him down, allowing him to land safely. Kinoko quickly looks up to see The Hermit charging up an attack.

"Oh no you don't!" Kinoko yells, as he soars directly at The Crane Hermit.

"Too brash, he is bringing himself directly within range." The Crane Hermit thinks, as he continues to charge his dodon ray.

Kinoko flies quickly to stop The Crane Hermit from unleashing his ultimate attack. "I'm done for if this hits me." Kinoko says to himself.

"Dodon Ray!!!" The Crane Hermit yells, releasing all of his energy from his index finger and directing it all at Kinoko.

"Here we go." Kinoko tells himself.

The beam pierces the air at an alarming rate. Kinoko flies full speed directly at the beam and just before impact, he moves out of the beams path and puts all of his ki into his left hand as he is ducking under the beam. Kinoko punches The Crane Hermit in the chest with an open palm. Sending him falling to the ground. Kinoko flies after him and catches him just before impact. When they land Itio comes to greet them and The Crane Hermit wakes and congratulates Kinoko for finishing his training with him.

"Now, your last lesson." The Crane Hermit says, smiling.

"The Dodon Ray technique." Kinoko responds.

"Precisely." Replies The Crane Hermit.

"Where do we start?" Kinoko ask.

"Do you see that tree there? Line it up with your index finger and pull all of your ki to the tip of your finger and force the energy directly through your target." Instructs The Crane Hermit.

Kinoko's first try pierced a couple of trees, but was getting stronger by the second. After a few hours of practicing this technique, Kinoko had almost mastered it.

"Well, your training is done. You have no more to learn from me and you have come very far since we started." The Crane Hermit says, as he brushes off his clothes after standing up.

"I really appreciate you training me and hope to see you later on down the road. I can assure you, when my people conquer this planet, you will be spared." Kinoko says.

Kinoko whistles for Itio and they both give a look that says, "Goodbye" to The Crane Hermit and begin walking through the woods to their next adventure on this foreign planet.

"Hopefully King Nuchiha has fared well since coming to Earth." Kinoko says to Itio.

"I have seen the Earthlings' powers and I never could have imagined they were that strong," Kinoko tells Itio. "And I haven't felt like myself since apart of me was absorbed by that being with a tail."

"I'll bide my time on this planet and get stronger to someday defeat them all." Kinoko schemes as he looks at his loyal friend. Itio gives a look to him that says, "Master, you are the most powerful, I know it." Or at least this is what Kinoko tells himself and they continue to walk their paths in the woods.

(In short, learning Dodon Ray from The Crane Hermit.)
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PostSubject: Re: Kinoko: Learning the Dodon Ray   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:58 pm

Since the admin isn't around, please keep track of things in your signature.

Quest Completed

+1,500 PL, Dodon Ray
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Kinoko: Learning the Dodon Ray
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