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 Kinoko: Learning from The Crane Hermit

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PostSubject: Kinoko: Learning from The Crane Hermit   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:38 pm

Kinoko: Learning from The Crane Hermit

"So...Why are you here?" Asks The Crane Hermit.

"I was sent by my king from planet New Saiyan. I am from a warrior race called saiyans. We travel from planet to planet conquering and selling them to the highest bidder." Kinoko explains.

"Ah, so you must be a naturally greedy race?" The Hermit asks.

"Yes, we want all the power, all of the worlds, all of the universe to be controlled by us." Kinoko replies.

"Well then, you wouldn't mind helping get some money for training you." The Hermit states.

"What do you mean?" Kinoko asks.

"Go into the wild by yourself and train a ferocious animal. Then, bring him back here and I will tell you the rest of the details." The Hermit says, as he sits down and props himself against a log to go to sleep.

Kinoko is bewildered at this request but does as instructed and takes to the skies. Kinoko flies very far away from his master's camp. "Where to find an animal?" Kinoko asks himself. He slowly descends into a snowy woodland area. "This seems to be a harsh place for an

animal to survive. Maybe I can find a menacing enough looking animal here." Kinoko assumes.

Kinoko turns on his scouter and pushes the button. The scouter beeps, then flashes an arrow on the screen, leading him to the most powerful animal around. He begins to walk through the snow and woods. Suddenly, Kinoko finds himself surrounded by a pack of starving

wolves. "Well, these guys aren't what was setting my scouter off." Kinoko thinks to himself. The wolves snarled and snapped as they surrounded him. Closer and closer they approached, before they were within striking range Kinoko pushed his ki out of his body throwing

back all of the wolves, knocking some into trees. The wolves scurry off in fear, in the distance surrounding him he began to hear defeated howls.

Then, the scouter begins to beep rapidly and he starts to see a very large wolf emerging from the wood line in the distance. The wolf runs at a very quick pace seemingly getting faster the closer he gets. The wolf jumps into the air ten yards from Kinoko and lands on him

with a thud. Kinoko grabs the wolf's snarling jaws, stopping the razor sharp teeth from sinking into his face. The wolf was easily as long as Kinoko is tall. Kinoko flips the wolf with ease and holds it down, the wolf continues to scratch and bite at Kinoko. The whole day and

night Kinoko and the wolf fights. They both are battered and bloody at this point and they are both about to pass out. The wolf lunges at Kinoko with one last ounce of energy and Kinoko ducks and flips the wolf into the air. The wolf hits the snow with a thud and passes out.

Kinoko lifts the beast onto his shoulders and limps his way back to The Crane Hermit's camp, the journey will take days to get back.

The wolf was still injured and no longer tried to bite Kinoko while Kinoko was carrying him. Kinoko even started talking to the giant wolf and the two quickly became traveling compainions. It was three days since they had began their journey and they were coming into the

camp. When they met The Crane Hermit. "I was wondering when you would return." Greets The Crane Hermit. The wolf looks at The Crane Hermit and begins to growl. "Itio, calm down, he's okay." Kinoko snaps. Itio was healing fine and was now loyal as he could be to Kinoko. "Ah, so I see you've found your ferocious beast." The Crane Hermit says, as he watches the wolf sit beside his master.

"So, why did you want me to tame a ferocious beast?" Kinoko wonders aloud.

"Because you are going to get him to terrorize a village every night for three nights." The Hermit responds.

"Ok, but why?" Asks Kinoko.

"We need money and we will charge the people who live there a fee for getting rid of the wolf." The Hermit explains.

"Ah, we will trick the people into thinking we are heroes and they will give us money." Kinoko understands.

"You will be the "Hero" and they will give YOU the money." The Crane Hermit tells, him as they walk back to camp.

That night, Kinoko tells Itio to go and kill the oldest person in the village and Itio makes his way enthusiastically through the woods to the village. Later on, in the distance Kinoko and The Crane Hermit are training when they hear the shriek of a woman, then a crowd of people clamoring frantically. Itio makes his way back to the camp and is greeted by Kinoko.

"Good boy, did you enjoy your meal?" Kinoko asks, as the wolf comes barreling into his arms.

Two nights go by like this and the villagers are completely afraid to go outside at night. The Hermit Crane goes over the plan with Kinoko and gives him a Crane Hermit Gi for posing as his student. They enter the town before sundown of the fourth night and the mayor of the village approaches them alerting them to the dangers of staying out at night.

"Well, I am master of martial arts, but I am old an no longer able to fight. My student here has learned nearly everything I have to teach and he is more than qualified to rid you of this evil..." The Hermit explains to the mayor with a smile, "But, we will need a fee for protecting your village."

"Will the monster be killed?" The mayor asks shakily.

"The monster will be taken care of." The Hermit replies.

"I will need a place to stay for the night while my student waits for the beast." The Hermit states.

"Yes, of course, follow me." The mayor replies.

Kinoko sits down in the middle of the village and waits for Itio to come into town. Just two hours after the sunset, Itio approaches Kinoko growling. Kinoko opens his eyes and stands up. "Be gone foul beast. You will trouble these good people no longer." Kinoko yells, drawing the attention of the whole village.

Itio continues to approach Kinoko with false hatred. Itio dashes toward him and tackles him. Kinoko and Itio fight for an hour and with a whimper Itio runs back into the woods followed by Kinoko. Kinoko and Itio go back to camp and Kinoko tells Itio that he should stay out of site and go hunting for food and that he would return in the morning.

Kinoko makes his way back to the village where all of the villagers are standing outside with lanterns and torches waiting for word from Kinoko.

"The beast has been slain, you shall live in fear no longer." Kinoko yells, as he approaches the light of the village.

"Thank you, Hero!" The mayor says.

"What of our payment?" The Crane Hermit asks.

"Of course, come, we will take care of this matter in the morning. Tonight, we feast in honor of our savior." The mayor says, putting his arms around both The Hermit and Kinoko.

The village goes to sleep safe and happy. Kinoko and The Crane Hermit go to sleep full and ready to be paid tomorrow.

(In short, done the mission "Learning from The Crane Hermit' and gained a pet wolf "Itio") : )
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PostSubject: Re: Kinoko: Learning from The Crane Hermit   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:55 pm

Since the admin isn't around, please keep track of things in your signature.

Quest completed

+1,000 PL, +250 Zennie, -5 Alignment

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Kinoko: Learning from The Crane Hermit
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