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 Knights of the Round

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PostSubject: Knights of the Round   Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:32 pm

Alliance Name: Knights of the Round
Description: The Knights of the Round are an epic organisation, formed by a selection of elite warriors, who believe they are the chosen ones to protect or destroy the Earth from any outside or instead of threat. More of a freelance group than an Organisation itself, the Knights of the Round are known for their habit to go AWOL, and to do whatever they wish most of the time; whether it be party, kill Majins or eat Mexican food, the Organisation itself's activities are never set in stone.
Allies: We only have immediate allies.
Enemies: Anyone that goes against what they want!
History: Android 23 and Kemi met and randomly decided to make this group.
Vault: None
Alliance Quests: Stuff
Alliance Ranks: Ranks are assigned upon joining. All members under leaders are equal.
Founder / Leader: Android 23/Kristin - Kemi
Alliance Members:
Android 23/Kristin Winrar - Leader
Kemi - Leader - Afro Slug
Tulo - Pet Saiyan
Kvothe - Pet Human
Leader's orders:
Whatever seems to happen!

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Knights of the Round
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