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 Training: Magical Materialisation

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PostSubject: Training: Magical Materialisation   Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:08 am

Kristin was annoyed that her clothes were normal enough that they always got destroyed when she lost a body part. She would want to be able to repair her clothing. All it required was a somehow simple technique to generate matter with her ki energy. It actually seemed pretty cool. Clothes Beam was what it was alternatively called by some people that knew it. She was reading a book that the Earthly ki technique was in and she learned how to do. Just to put it into practice now. She stood up in her room, which was perfectly clean as she was suppose to be perfect and all, and channeled her ki into her hand. Next she threw it onto the table top. The first thing to do was to create a crystal sphere. The ki didn't move how she expected it to. It was like purple waves of ki hitting the spot she wanted to create. Next thing her table was broken down by the ki. Nothing was formed as the ki didn't mold how she wanted it to.

She sighed and moved the table remains off to the side and planned to throw them out later. She moved to the bathroom where the amount of ki she was using wouldn't even dent the tiles. She was just trying to form an object. She tried again and again. Upon her fourth try, and having her ki blow up in her face and her sparkling tile floor ( ;-; ) she formed some misshapen orb. She tried again and again once again, and again stuff. This time she formed the crystal orb she wanted to. The technique was complete? She didn't know yet. She turned around and started to use the technique to reform her broken table. Forming the imagine in her mind of what it looked like. It worked. Well, now she knew how to mold her ki to do that.
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Training: Magical Materialisation
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