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 Spar With Roshi

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PostSubject: Spar With Roshi   Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:39 am

Roshi begins sipping tea as Tulo begins to get used to the turtle shell. "So how long exactly do I wear this?" Tulo questioned his new 'master' as Roshi was sipping his so called 'tea' barked out an order. "For a whole day then you'll fight me to see if your ready!" "Ready for what!?" Tulo questioned as he did push ups with the turtle shell. It added enough weight for him to struggle slightly, it also made him feel a little goofy wearing it. Doing push ups he stopped at the count of five hundred. It would normally be easy for him to do that however the weight of the shell made it unbearable for quite a while.

Roshi being asleep the whole time that was being done, there was only one thing for Tulo to do to pass the time train himself to get used to the turtle shell. Running laps around the island wasn't hard enough for him. He quickly took off his gi and other clothing he had. Stripped down only to his under garments he still kept the shell on his goal was to jump as far away from the island as he could then swim back. He would do this till the next morning where his and Roshi's spar would take place. Being as confident as ever Tulo did this around a good two hundred times. Feeling somewhat exhaustion he would slap him self silly, to remain calm before the spar and awake.

"So you think your ready?" Roshi asked as Tulo only nodded at his new 'master'. Then taking off his own turtle shell Roshi pops his back. His shell had to weigh over one-hundred and fifty pounds. It left a huge mark on the ground. "Well? Bring it on this old man can take it." He demanded the spar to begin, it was clear no ki blasts were to be allowed. As the two ran towards each other the speeds seemed even. Tulo had gotten faster even with the turtle shell on him. The training had paid off! However Roshi was throwing a barrage of punches which couldn't be dodged. It was basic martial arts against one another. And Roshi had the higher playing field with that one against Tulo.

After hours of punching the small spar might as well of turned into a full out battle. Tulo exhausted for air the salty air was something he still wasn't used to, and neither was no sleep while constant training. Roshi then stopped the Spar it was clear he won, he then formed his hands together and shot a Kamehameha at the ocean. "Thats what you'll be learning." He then walked back into his house to take a shower he picked up quite a work out. However Tulo also took a giant beating and a good workout, he took off his turtle shell and felt light as a feather.
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PostSubject: Re: Spar With Roshi   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:53 pm

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Spar With Roshi
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