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 shadow manipulation - zipporah technique

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PostSubject: shadow manipulation - zipporah technique   shadow manipulation - zipporah technique EmptySat Jul 03, 2010 1:58 am

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The darkness in the training chamber she had chosen included nearly
perfect conditions. The moist air filled the room, the lights emitting only
a soft, incandescent glow. It wasn't a large room, but it was large enough
- possible three metres by three metres at the moist. The air was cold,
still, and soothing in a way, causing the slender Saiyan woman to be fairly
relaxed if nothing else. That was another perfect thing about the place.
The calmer she was, the easier it was. But the sad fact was, she didn't need
perfect conditions. She needed imperfect conditions. How could she possibly
work on her manipulations if everything was perfect? She took a deep breath,
calling forth a small, bright energy ball, letting it float lightly in the air, causing
the room to light up substantially, the shadows in the room fleeting and
disappearing in the wake of the light in the room. After a few moments, a
smile formed on Zipporah's reddened lips, as the woman closed her eyes,
feeling it out, the sensation of sinking showing her that she was doing the
correct thing. Her eyes opened, and her gaze landed on that of a single
shadow of a chair in the corner. Moving her left hand, the shadow moved -
leaving the chair shadowless. Her eyes stared for a few moments, before
she twitched her wrist and the shadow of the table followed shortly behind
it, forming a mass of darkness in front of the woman. She glanced over her
shoulder, at her own shadow, before it moved - walking as if she were
walking through the room herself, before her shadow extended a hand
and soon the mass of darkness blew to pieces - as did the chair and table
she had stolen the shadow from. She smirked a bit, as the light wavered a
little above her. The woman glanced up for a simple second, before her
shadow reattached itself to her.

She looked back up at the light, holding both of her hands up and looking
towards the ball of light in the sky, closing her eyes - fully intent on snuffing
the light out with the shadows it created, though she wasn't sure if it would
work well or not. Concentration was key - the fact that she held her hands
out in an intense gesture gave that fact away - she was silent, not a single
sound coming from her lips as she forced the shadows together mentally,
the shadows themselves moving, creeping from their natural places underneath
objects and the like, pooling together in an inky black, the simple task boding
before her as she opened her eyes, her hands moving upwards, jolting the ball
of darkness towards the light. Within moments, the entire room was pitch black -
a smile coming on the lips of the shadow demon herself, as the light was gone
for the time being, the room's features lost in the darkness that was cast over
it for the moment. Zipporah waved her hands once again and shook her head,
those locks of dark chocolate moving with her, the shadows dissipating back to
their natural states of being, the light ball in the room's ceiling disappearing as
well. Zipporah stepped back, comforted by the soft glow of the installed light
fixtures for a moment, before crossing her arms a bit. She still needed to try it
out in a true battle - but until then, she would simply settle for training bots
and light balls.

She took a breath, a soft wondering coming into her mind as she continued to
move her hands in soft, fluent gestures, the shadows still moving a bit. Perhaps
she could not only destroy something inanimate by their shadow, but a person
as well? It seemed impossible, but the fact remained that she had no one to test
this idea out on but herself. With a deep breath, she willed her own shadow to
move, those hands of darkness wrapping around her slender neck, those thin
fingers tightening around her neck, Zipporah soon felt her throat closing off - the
lack of air causing her to lose control for a moment, as the shadows scurried back
to their natural place. Zipporah hit the ground, her knees giving out on her for a
moment. She put her hand against her throat, looking back at her shadow with an
odd look on her face. So perhaps she could. What an oddity. Her adopted father
hadn't told her about this. She smirked a bit, standing up, still rubbing at her throat
a bit, before she simply turned, looking around the room for a moment, eying one
of the small, electronic training bots in front of her, watching her every move.
She focused in on its shadow, concentrating as the small machine began to shake
and rumble, before it simply exploded from the pressure. Zipporah's smirk turned
into a smile, as she kicked the remains around for a moment. Such destruction.
Perhaps people had a reason to be afraid of their own shadows after all.

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shadow manipulation - zipporah technique
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