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 Kinoko: Meeting The Crane Hermit

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PostSubject: Kinoko: Meeting The Crane Hermit   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:04 pm

Kinoko and The Crane Hermit

Kinoko was walking through the woods to find water, he had recovered from his fight with the Earthlings and was wanting to improve his training regimen. The battle with the Earthlings taught him that he needed to become stronger, no matter what. He was soon running through the woods full speed, while crashing through trees like they were twigs.

After miles of running, he comes across a river and dives in. The water was cool and refreshing. Kinoko drinks his fill of water and decides to catch a fish for food. Kinoko dives deeper into the river and searches for his prey. He suddenly spots a large fish and hones in on it. There is no chase, there is no battle, the fish is easily swiped from its habitat and taken to the river bank.

Kinoko forms an energy sword with his ki and chops down a medium sized tree and chops the tree into logs for a fire. He then stacks a few logs into a pile and uses his ki to set them on fire. He pierces the fish and places it over the fire. Then, he lays down to relax. Soon, he falls asleep.

He awakens minutes later to find an old man eating his fish. "You are senile if you think you are going to live after this." Kinoko says sleepily. The old man stops for a moment and continues eating greedily. "Hey! Did you hear me, quit eating my catch!?" Kinoko shouts. The old man continues to ignore him.

"That is it, I've given you fair warning." Kinoko says, as he fires a ki ball directly at the back of the old man's head. At the last moment the man jumps out of the way. "Too weak. You...(mmm...)You are a warrior?" The old man asks with his mouth full of Kinoko's fish.

"I am a saiyan, we are all warriors." Kinoko replies.

"Some "warrior", you can't even kill an old man while he isn't looking you in the face." The old man mocks.

"Just who are you?!?!" Kinoko angrily asks.

"I am "The Crane Hermit", I have many things to teach you about this planet and its inhabitants." The Hermit states.

"Things I don't care to learn." Retorts Kinoko.

With a wry smile The Hermit points his finger at Kinoko and yells, "Dodon Ray." The beam nearly misses Kinoko's head and travels in a straight path destroying everything for at least a half a mile before fading out. The power that Kinoko felt as the beam missed him by inches was amazing. A power that Kinoko wanted to learn.

"How can I gain this ability?" Kinoko asks, knowing that this would be a useful technique.

"Well, you just have to spar with these old bones and then MAYBE I'll decide to train you." The Hermit says, "If you are alive after the spar."

"If you get serious about this spar, I'll kill you. I already don't trust you." Warns Kinoko.

"Nor do I trust you. No more talking. Attack when ready." The Hermit says.

Kinoko pushes his ki to his feet and forcefully flies into the air. The Hermit stands completely still without even looking up at Kinoko. Kinoko is taken back by this and targets the old man for a double axe handle on top of the old man's frail looking head. As Kinoko flies straight down to The Hermit to smash his head in, the hermit jumps and punches him in the chest. Kinoko soars back but gathers himself before crashing into anything.

"Wow, he is alot more powerful than he looks." Kinoko thinks.

"You were wide open to attack, you fight with rage instead of logic." The Hermit teases.

"Rage is all saiyans have!!!" Kinoko says, as he dive bombs toward The Hermit.

As Kinoko flies quickly toward the old man, he charges a ki blast in his hand and hurls it to his target. The Hermit easily avoids the blast and fires a ki blast of his own hitting Kinoko in the face, sending him soaring even further back.

"Man, he seems to be very experience but not that much more powerful than me." Kinoko ponders.

Kinoko drops to the ground and dashes to The Hermit, as The Hermit dashes toward him with his arms behind his back. Kinoko throws a right hook that barely misses a ducking Hermit. Who then releases a knee to the midsection of Kinoko, making Kinoko seem to float two feet off the ground. The hermit elbows Kinoko in the back sending him to the ground. The Hermit then procedes to dance on Kinoko's back claiming "Victory" at the top of his lungs and he was right, for the few attacks that Kinoko had sustained they took more than their toll on him.

"Well, you were the first prospective student to ever get that close to punching me. I'll train you the ways of the Crane School." The Crane Hermit says. "Now, I'm going to finish the fish you so kindly prepared for me."

Kinoko's body was beaten and his pride was destroyed. "Why can't I move? The attacks didn't even seem that powerful." Asks Kinoko.

"Ah, but looks can be deceiving. My ki wasn't outward but under the surface adding power to simple punches...I'm honestly suprised you survived." The Crane Hermit says with his mouth full, returning to Kinoko's catch that he now claimed his own.
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Kinoko: Meeting The Crane Hermit
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