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 Leaving New Saiyan

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Scouter readings
Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
Race: Saiyan
Power level: 30,500

Leaving New Saiyan Empty
PostSubject: Leaving New Saiyan   Leaving New Saiyan EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 6:30 pm

Nuchiha was on his throne waiting for Kinoko to tell him the warriors of Earth were dead. . . " I'm tired of waiting, if it's taking him this long they must be powerful, and he's either still alive, or someone stole his scouter. . . " Nuchiha said, as he left the palace, and went into his pod, and went too Earth. . .

( OOC: Due to your conversation with Kinoko saying it can be instant, I;m going to say it's instant for me too,. . .
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Leaving New Saiyan
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