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Name: Kemi.
Nickname: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 22.
Gender: Male.
Race: Namekian.
Starting Location: Earth.
Special Characteristics:
Personality: For the most part Kemi comes across as a very serious character, who scolds people on the spot for doing something which he finds bad. He is the kind of person to say something as it should be, rather than someone would want it to be heard, and as such has a habit of making very sombre remarks about situations and people's chances, but without doing anything to back it up. Kemi considers himself more of an Advisor than a fighter, and will only fight if threatened himself; though when it comes to training it may differ.
Personality Traits: Super serial.

Appearance: (Without wig.)

Height: 6'11”
Weight: 275lbs.
Hair Color: Bald (Wears a Black Wig).
Hair Style: N/A (Wig is styled as an Afro).
Skin Tone: Green.
Build: Muscular.
Appearance: Kemi Nail_Dragonkeeper_Full_by_ZeroWhiteMonkey
Handiness: Ambidextrous.


Personal History:

Kemi has always been a loser. When he was still in an egg, him and nineteen of his brethren were dropped onto the planet of earth with the dreams of one of them becoming a god. As they grew up, some of the Namekians left the planet and some were killed by their own brothers in the fight to gain control. Four years previously there were only two Namekians left of the planet known as Earth... The one who strayed from fighting Kemi, and his beast of a brother Roderick. Kemi let his brother take the title of God, but opted to remain on the planet and adopt a piece of its culture, to 'Fit in better'. This came in the form of a large afro wig, very similar to the hair style possessed Mr. Satan.

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Approved, and the thing you said in your special characteristics, that was too much. . .
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