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Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
Race: Saiyan
Power level: 30,500

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PostSubject: Galick!   Galick! EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 2:11 pm

Nuchiha has heard of Vegeta's battle with Kakkarot, otherwise known as Goku. Kakkarot had used a technique called KAIO - KEN against him, Nuchiha knew that the new generation of Earth Heroes would have developed something more powerful, and Nuchiha wanted to develope something to counter KAIO - KEN. Nuchiha began to surge his power, he made the surge equal throughout his body, his aura started to glow, it was a distinctive blood red. Nuchiha began to attempt to tap into his power, Nuchiha felt a temporary surge of extreme power, but became a little exhausted. Nuchiha attempted so again, but he wasn't exhausted at all, he then attempted again thinking he mastered what he was trying to achieve, but, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. " Damn! " Nuchiha yelled, now a bit angry, he charged up his aura again, again it was it's normal blood red color, Nuchiha then began to think about all of the bad things that had happened in his life, the genetically engineered saibamen, the scientist, the death of his father. . . " GYEAAAGH! " Nuchiha yelled, now at the peak of his anger, his aura and his body turned a purple color, Nuchiha didn't notice. Nuchiha was too angry to notice, and he flew up, smashing through the marble cieling, he then fired a Galick Gun. It began flying, he then noticed he had achieved what he wanted, but then he noticed the Galick Gun he fired was going towards the Emperor's Canyon, a canyon that was made in memory of his father. Nuchiha then began to charge towards the Galick Gun he launched, he went in front of the canyon, and charged up, to x2. He then deflected the energy blast, and it went into space, to, who knows where. . . People at the canyone saw Nuchiha's aura changed to a purple color along with his body. " Fwuahahaha, perfect, I'll name this Galick, " Nuchiha said, naming the new technique Galick. . .

( I was aiming for Galick, but not for experience, but if you want to give me some, go right ahead Very Happy )
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Name: Admin
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PostSubject: Re: Galick!   Galick! EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 3:38 pm

Ermm. . .

+1,000 Power level,

Galick learned. . .

Galick System

Galick x1 = no effect. . .

Galick x2 = x2 power level

Galick x3 = x3 power level


This can become more powerful than Super Saiyan, but uses much much more energy, you'll probably be able to only go x3 for like 2 posts. . . That's how much energy it uses, and when you get strong enough for it to be more powerful than Super Saiyan, you'll be already be capable of Super Saiyan, so yeah, limited technique. . .
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