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 Tulo, Ember

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Name: Tulo
Race: Saiyan
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Name: Tulo, Ember
Nickname: Runaway
Alias: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Starting Location: Earth
Special Characteristics: Made an escape from the saiyan planet.
At age five
Tulo, hates fighting to be perfectly honest however being a saiyan he was 'forced' to enjoy fighting. Despite being a warrior he truly doesn't have the slightest clue on how to fight every time he was ordered on a mission he would simply get lucky.

At age eighteen
After going over the years of being with Kristin and Kemi he realized he didn't want to be their bitch for ever. He began training and realized fighting really is the only way and he would have to man up. He truly cares not for what happens to him now his saiyan blood courses through him fighting is all he is good for. And possibly making love, he hasn't discovered that yet.
Personality Traits:


Height: 3'5'' At five years old.
Height at 18: 6'2''
Weight: 48lbs At five years old
Weight as 18: 182lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Messy
Skin Tone: Light
Build: scrawny

*Five year old*
Tulo, Ember Kid_Ruji_by_RinskeR


Tulo, Ember Majin_Gothax_by_Gothax
(On the left)
Handiness: Right


Personal History:


The day of his birth Tulo was sent straight to a weak pathetic planet to tear apart. However being an infant he had no clue what was going on just the fact Oozaru would take over and do all the work for him. He was said to be 'blessed with power' however it was a curse to Tulo as far as his memory serves he hated fighting and those who inflicted pain for no reason. In a way he hated himself. Making a plan to escape from his home planet only at the age of three years old, he left for a mission. After painfully killing the planet he took off in his saiyan pod to Earth. However pressing the coordinates to Earth was pure random button pressing. His space ship flew over and hit a strange body, and he awoke however it was said Tulo also awoke something 'evil'. His training with Kemi and Kristin made him stronger then he would imagine however he did get in more fights. His fighting eventually lead him to fight a man named Kinoko and get defeated by king Nuchi as he would say.

~Time flies ~
As time flew by, Tulo eventually got stronger and changed his ways of thinking. His time with Kristin and Kemi didn't change too much however he did get stronger then Kemi something for him to be proud of. Now his next test get stronger then Kristin. He even learned to write to give this to Kristin...

Dear Kristin,
I knoaw that your strongerr den me.
Butt one of dis dayz I wil be strongererr then you.

P.S. I realizedd we never made lov.


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Name: Admin
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Tulo, Ember
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