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 Goo The Majin

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Name: Goo
Race: Majin
Power level: 15,000

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PostSubject: Goo The Majin   Goo The Majin EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 2:41 pm


Name: Goo
Age: 1,200 (Acts like a one year old)
Gender: N/A
Race: Majin
Starting Location: Earth
Special Characteristics:
Personality: Despite being menacing to those at first eye of the power level that is held. Goo, has a soft spot for children, to hurt them but never kill them. However anything older then the age of twelve is considered a threat to him and must be eliminated. Goo is more of an infant then anything unable to speak correctly and cries at the mere mention of something it dislikes.
Personality Traits: When goo ever talks goo speaks in third person and confuses almost all the letters with W's.


Height: 4'2''
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Skin Tone: Pink
Build: Flabby
Appearance: Goo, has the regular attire for a Majin with the big puffed up pants with a large M insignia. Goo's skin is flabby and all over the place not necessarily fat though. His fat is used as a way to glide without using any energy. Simply needing a wind to carry himself around. Small generic asian eyes are what Goo has where you can't even see it.
Handiness: No dominate hand.


Personal History:

Goo's 'master' was a hermit on earth whom was experimenting with hellish like spells however the most he was ever able to create was the egg which Goo eventually hatched from. Goo had no intention to kill a fly at first moment, his 'master' died from a heart attack not even getting attacked by Goo. Perhaps Goo's power level was so high it gave him a heart attack!? Or he was just old and was gonna die anyways. Goo then went to hibernation for one thousand one hundred and ninty-nine years.
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Name: Admin
Race: Saiyan
Power level: Infinite

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PostSubject: Re: Goo The Majin   Goo The Majin EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 4:03 pm

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Goo The Majin
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