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 the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA

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the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA Empty
PostSubject: the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA   the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 3:46 am


name;; zucchinita
nickname;; zu
alias;; zipporah
age;; twenty-seven
gender;; female
race;; saiyan
starting location;; planet vegeta - to planet shadornya - to planet earth
special characteristics;; nae
personality;; The diamond standard - cold, crystal, priceless, able to clean cut glass with little effort - and flawlessly beautiful. She reeks of perfection - taking nothing less than what she deems to be up to par. She's hard to impress, and even harder to get close to. Like any of her race, she has that violent streak, her rage uncanny - though Zipporah knows how to keep her anger in check, and tends to plot things out more than beat through them. She is cunning, swift and clever - often overestimating everyone in her path simply because it's more fun that way. She tends to think on her feet, almost always having a plan b. An innocent face has always been something she could use more often than not, and playing the false damsel in distress tends to be one of her more favored attacks, as it is that most men will automatically come to her rescue - if they are of lesser intelligence. She is, of course, a woman first and foremost - so those female instincts are there, but the woman detests any sort of manual labor outside of a battle, and tends to make other people do things for her. She tends to be somewhat of a bitch, and some have even gone as far as to call her spoiled, though she tends to wave that off as jealousy or angst.

personality traits;; Cunning, Calculated, Deceptive


height;; 5'9"
weight;; a lady never tells her weight.
hair color;; black as darkness
hair style;; kept long, she has soft waves and curls coming down just to her shoulder blades.
skin tone;; pale white
build;; slender, slightly athletic. she does not have protruding muscles, rather she is nicely toned - but do not assume that she is weak.
appearance;; with all the grace of a prima ballerina, zipporah stands at 5'9, her figure in a perfect eight, like an hourglass picking the sands of time away. her lips are full, often painted red or pink, her eyes are that dark black of the saiyan race - the pools of ink that seem to show no mercy nor soul. she tends to dress up more often than down, and had taken to tossing her old saiyan armor away for the most part - finding it bulky and not fashionable at all. she tends to dress in heels and dresses, though she can be found in jeans and tank tops when the time calls for it.
handiness;; left handed, though her right hand isn't so retarded.


personal history;;

childhood data--;

my father knew that something was wrong. frieza had lost his luster - and the people of the planet were slowly becoming disgusted with him. it wasn't very long until father had learned of the only choice frieza had. it hadn't taken a rocket scientist to figure it out. just simple logic. when you can no longer control a rabid dog, do you not shoot it? frieza seemed to think his control was over. my father sent me away, his only child, in that little pod, headed towards a nearby planet that frieza had overlooked years before. it was said to be home to a race who were far too spiritual for their own good. they were right, in a sense. i crashed on this planet, a small, helpless child - a child with a monkey's tail. they weren't stupid - they knew exactly what i was. it was amazing that they didn't destroy me, but rather, removed my tail and attempted to assimilate me into their race. it worked well for sometime. i grew, i learned how to control what powers i had, and they renamed me. zipporah. shadow demon. how they were so right.

i didn't know what i was. for the majority of my younger life, i was quick to believe that i was shadornian. there was little reason for me to doubt otherwise. after all, i was just a toddler when i came to the planet, who was i supposed to recall anything? but for years, that one voice, the voice of my father, echoed in my subconcious.

young adulthood data;

i studied and trained with the monks of shadornya, learning all they had to teach me - their art of shadow manipulation, the art of ki and controlling my powers. the shadornians didn't have my strength, nor my will to fight - and eventually, it arose my curiosity. i began to question myself - if something was wrong with me, or if it were everyone else who was wrong. that's when i visited the elder priest. he told me of my origins, and how my home planet had been destroyed. he spoke of this warrior race that i belonged to - the saiyans of planet vegeta - and how they had been eliminated by their overlord's hand. as far as i knew, i was the last of my people. it's too bad i was so very wrong.

i chose to stay with the shadornya for several years after, continuing my training and exploring the depths of my abilities. but with nothing to do, and no real fights to be had, i and the others knew it was only a matter of time before i would have to leave shadornya for something more fulfilling. i left the eve of my twentieth birthday. my first stop was another nearby planet by the name of gujkinone, home to a vile race of creatures who said little and thought less, but their first move was to attack me before i had even set foot on their soil. eager for the challenge of the insectoid race, i fought back, enjoying the thrill and taking them on two by two, three by three, until there were few left. granted, i did not come out of battle unscathed. it took several days hooked up to a resuscitation system in my space ship to remove my injuries, but i found that i was much stronger than before. it was odd, at first - but i continued in this plight, attacking when attacked and learning from those who offered.

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the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA Empty
PostSubject: Re: the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA   the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 4:12 pm

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the shadow demon -- ZiPPORAH ZUCCHiNYA
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