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 Kinoko (Technique/Training)

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PostSubject: Kinoko (Technique/Training)   Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:19 am

Kinoko, Four Oozarus At Once?!?!

Kinoko is surrounded by a wasteland of dust and jagged formations of rock that seem to stretch on for miles. He took himself far away from the main city of New Saiyan, which has economically thrived from a recent conquest of a very lush and valuable planet, five light years away.

"I have just enough time to train myself to control my REAL power." He says to himself, as he removes his armor and scouter and places them upon the ground.

He decides that to improve his technique quicker, he needs to divide into four different beings using his multi form technique and to try and control all four oozarus simultaneously. His body begins to shake nervously. He is not used to the feeling of transforming like the others. His power drops to half its normal measurement. The saiyan splits into two and both of their powers drop by half and two more extract themselves from the others. In unison, all four form glows of moonlight in their hands and begin to charge the energy.

"If anything gets out of control, the saiyan guard will surely be able to control me if I were to lose control and make it to any cities." He predicts, as all four versions move in slow synchronization as if pulling energy from thin air. They slowly motion with their left hand towards the sky, but before they can release the energy to transform, a yellow blast explodes right in front of the multi forms that is merely for show. It explodes in front of them and breaks the concentration of the Kinokos.

"What have we here?" The aggressor ask to his gang of three.

"Don't know, Boss. I've never seen him before." The smallest of the three goons chuckles.

"The reason you have not heard of me is because I was a slave for ten years and I just recently escaped because of the power of our heritage." He replies, while one of his clones edges its way toward the scouter.

"Well, what you haven't heard is that this is Boss Lettis' territory and you are trespassing!" Yelled the biggest one of the group, who was three times bigger than any of them.

Kinoko's duplicate puts on the scouter and turns it on. "Power levels and registered names," the scouter announces as Kinoko glances from left to right, "...(Name...Chigura...Low Class...Power Level 750)...(Name...Lettis...Low-Medium Class...Power Level 1,000)...(Name...Bega...Low Class...Power Level 500)...(Name...Cauley...Low Class...Power Level 500)."

All of the clones hear the scouter at the same time and quickly vanish. Only to appear behind the thugs and grasp all four of their opponent's tails unexpectedly. The opponent's are paralyzed and wincing from pain. The Kinokos charge their ki into their hand to form an energy sword and quickly chop off their tails.

"What have you done?!?!?! How dare you?!?!?! You know how important a saiyan's tail is, don't you?!?!?! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Lettis screams with murderous intent and begins to power up, sending all of the forms of Kinoko flying back.

"All of you are going to be target practice." Kinoko says. Then, one of the Kinokos charge a moon ball and hurl it into the air and once it makes it to its destination it explodes into a vibrant, bluish-white light. All four of the Kinokos smile knowing what the sight of the moon brings..."freedom".

"Noooo!!!" Lettis screams as if realizing he and his gang's demise. "Don't let them transform! Kill them all now!" Lettis exclaims, but it was too late. The forms of Kinoko had become the animal that they are intended to be, the animal that only knows destruction, the animal that only knows...enemies and rage.

One of the four duplicates of the oozarus immediately jumps into the air and comes stomping down on Cauley, killing him instantly.
"Cauley!!!" Bega, the biggest of the gang, screams as he dashes toward Cauley's lifeless body. Just when Bega lands, he is grabbed from mid air and is bitten in half.

"Chigura!!!" Lettis yells.

"Sir?!" Chigura replies.

"Get rid of the tails!" informs Lettis.

At the end of that sentence, Chigura jumps from the ground to a rock formation and fires a ki ball right at the base of the oozarus tail, removing it from its host and then fires an eye beam through the copy's chest, killing the beast. Chigura is instantly batted down by another oozaru and sent flying through the planet, causing a crater.

"Get back!!" Lettis yells, as two oozarus slowly approach him. Lettis fires a ki beam to the left eye of one of them, stunning it.

"That's it! I'm done playing with you!!!" Lettis teleports behind the hurt oozaru, pulls his head back and starts to bring ki from the pit of his stomach to his throat and out of his mouth. The blast is let out with a roar and the partially blinded oozaru is pierced right through the back and falls down dead.

Lettis finds himself against two oozaru Kinokos, both with a power level of 750 and extremely angry. They pursue him as he jumps from rock to rock, giving chase. Then...Lettis gets a transmission through his scouter from Chigura, "Come back around the crater, I will try to take out one of them, Boss." Lettis flies full speed back to the crater that Chigura was punched into.

Just when the oozaru Kinokos almost have a bead on Lettis, Chigura jumps out of the planet and fires an eye blast to the back of the head of the closest oozaru...killing it. When the last oozaru Kinoko realizes what happened, he turns around to see his other part's opponent...Chigura. Kinoko angrily paces toward Chigura.

"Boss!" Chigura yells.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." Lettis says, while charging his ultimate attack behind oozaru Kinoko.

With each step as Kinoko approaches Chigura he takes a slow, defeated step back.

"Boss!!!" Chigura yells, as the oozaru Kinoko raises his fist as to squish a bug.

"Galactic Fire!!!" Lettis yells releasing all his energy into the blast sending it toward the back of oozaru Kinoko.

With a flick of the ear, Kinoko, with his oozaru ears, hears the attack coming and jumps into the air, leaving Chigura to take the blast head on, burned to death by his own comrades attack.

Oozaru Kinoko charges an extra large energy sword and soars down to stab Lettis with all of his saiyan might. The energy from sword slices Lettis in half and he falls in two pieces to the ground. Oozaru Kinoko lets out a vicious war cry and smashes everything around him. It would be hours before the moon ball disappeared and Kinoko would wake up with memories of the fight...almost like it was a dream.

(In short, I want to be able to Control Oozaru and/or maybe some EXP.)
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Scouter readings
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PostSubject: Re: Kinoko (Technique/Training)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:53 pm

A very interesting and detailed fight. . .

+5,000 Power Level

I would've assumed that you could have been able to control it due to New Saiyan having two moons.

Your Oozaru form has been upgraded, well, that means you can control yourself. . . And that you can remember,
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Kinoko (Technique/Training)
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