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Name: Niij
Nickname: The Living Blackhole
Alias: N/A
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Race: Majin
Starting Location: Earth
Special Characteristics:
Personality: Niij is always perky and excitable, regardless of what he's doing. He's quite lazy himself, prefering to just eat and watch tv in his free time, but can be quite outgoing when he has a job. He loves to destroy things and cause trouble, but generally only does so when under orders, or for a purpose. He's generally too lazy to bother otherwise. He earned his nickname due to his huge appetite, even by the standards of his species, and he's probably the fattest majin on record. He's always eager to prove this, and never turns down a challange. Unlike most Majin he's also quite loyal to his creators and has no real desire to betray them. Though they do know how to keep him on just a short enough leash.
Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, Gluttonous, Loyal, Lazy


Height: 3'6
Weight: It depends on what he's eaten lately, but is always huge.
Hair Color: Pink
Hair Style: A unique style consisting of two enormous pig tails, a smaller forelock that sticks out of his hat, and a pair of longer straight bangs.
Skin Tone: Pink
Build: Small but unbelievably heavy.

Niij Fatmajinboy

Handiness: Ambi


Personal History:

Niij was created three years back, long after the war that spawned most of his race. He was designed by a small collection of mystics that intended to use him to conquer the Earth. However they had expected him to be born as powerful as Buu was said to be, and so were less then thrilled at the creature's strength. But they did realize his potential, and made him their new field agent. Niij took to this quite fast, and greatly enjoyed the chance to see so much of the planet, and cause trouble for it's residents.

Niij has worked for his creators for 3 years, and remains quite loyal to them. He doesn't know all that much about the group overall, and honestly doesn't much care. He follows his instructions, and is very comfortable with the arrangement. He quite simply finds the matter too boring to waste anymore time with. So far his creators have not advanced much on their plans, and presently continue to lay the groundwork for the beginning of their true future operations.
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