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 Kinoko (Technique)

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Scouter readings
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PostSubject: Kinoko (Technique)   Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:59 pm

Kinoko's attempt to learn "Moon Ball"

"I will learn the moon ball technique today." I thought to myself, as I was running toward my destination. I sometimes try to start my technique training with a warm up sprint. This time I would be going to the desert thousands of miles away from the main city of New Saiyan. As I start to reach my destination I reflect on all that I have learned since being back home on New Saiyan. Not much at all really, saiyans are still conquering and selling planets, killing and being killed, attempting to conquer the universe and generally being barbaric as usual...which is what I like, "controlled chaos".

When I reach the desert, I turn on my scouter to confirm that I am on the other side of the planet, to make sure to not allow my kin to transform while I'm training. I don't think I have to tell you that the outcome would be devastating for our newly founded planet. "Ok, I'm good. No power levels for thousands of miles. Shouldn't be any problem for me to try the moon ball technique." I say to myself, as I charge the energy in my left hand. The energy that forms in my palm is cold to the touch and glows with a bright, white light with a bluish hue. "It reminds me of the moon on Acenes...so beautiful." I remembered. The full moon's glow is much more to me than a weapon in my arsenal, it is a savior, a gift, my lifeline, my heritage.

With closed eyes and seemingly no effort, I fire the blast, like a meteor to the sky. As it bullets toward its destination, I lower my head to the ground and focus on the energy flying through the sky. I close my open hand and the ball of energy explodes into a cosmic, white light that throws off a glow that immediately gets my heart racing. I focus on nothing but the energy. I want to look up so bad, but I hate not being able to control my actions in battle. "I'm focusing on the moon ball technique now, not controlling my transformation." The very thought of me looking up sounded ridiculous, but was tempting to me.

My heartbeat is supernatural and I almost look up, but right at the last moment I diminish the moon ball. "A little close." I say to my body. I slowly begin to feel the energy spread out through the planet and atmosphere. I open my eyes that are fixed on the ground and glance up. "Ok, I think I've got the hang of it." I tell myself. I continue the original routine with exceptional results. "It seems that the moon ball technique is almost second nature to saiyans." I concluded.

I levitate into the air and push off of the ground and soar to the sky. I am heading home to prepare for my upcoming mission. "No rest for the weary." I say to myself. "I was a slave for ten years and now I have to go to another planet and risk everything again...for the empire."

(If this isn't good enough let me know what I did wrong, so I can correct it. : ) Thanks)
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Scouter readings
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PostSubject: Re: Kinoko (Technique)   Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:58 pm

Yeah, your right, Moon Ball has been used by Saiyans for many generations now, so, it should be like instinct, like Genetic Memory, you know how to do it. . .

Moon ball learned,
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Kinoko (Technique)
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