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 Kinoko (Application)

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Scouter readings
Name: Kinoko
Race: Saiyan
Power level: 9,000

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PostSubject: Kinoko (Application)   Kinoko (Application) EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 3:38 am


Name: Kinoko
Nickname: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Starting Location: Planet Vegeta (or if that isn't a planet on here, the planet where saiyans start)
Special Characteristics: Kinoko is a soft spoken saiyan and is known among his peers to be one of the smarter saiyans at his level. He has brown eyes and always has a calm, expressionless look painted on his face.
Personality: Kinoko tends to keep to himself and speaks when spoken to. He is a very logical warrior that thinks out attacks, some tend to believe this makes him a weak warrior.
Personality Traits: Kinoko is a no nonsense saiyan that speaks directly and doesn't draw attention to himself. He prefers to work and train alone. His serious demeanor can sometimes makes higher class saiyans nervous.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Shoulder length, tied into a ponytail.
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: Athletic
Appearance: Kinoko has dark brown hair that is tied into a ponytail and he is wearing standard issue grey saiyan combat armor with a green scouter.
Handiness: Ambidextrous


Personal History:
Since the day I was born my people have trained me to become a planet conquering warrior. I was put through rigorous test and training that enhanced my skills and technique. My mother died giving birth and my father was a warrior of exceptional skill, or so I have heard, I don't remember him. He and his crew were killed in a failed conquest of another planet, that is about all I know. So, with no emotional ties I was considered the perfect student. I was raised killing and being beaten to a bloody pulp all for the glory of saiyan pride. I don't see conquering weaker planets as "good" or "bad", it is just something we have to do.

Six years later, I had just turned eleven and my first mission was approaching, eleven is usually considered late to send a child off but I am a low class warrior and it took time for me to gain enough strength for my first mission. I had awaken early the morning of my mission and put on my armor and grabbed my scouter. I slowly made my way to the launch zone and took in every glimpse of scenery as I could before I left, "I may never see this again." Went through my head as I approached the pod. The pod technician gives me my pod controller and I press the button to open the door. "Good luck." The technician said with a chuckle and a wave. I sat down in the seat and closed the door, the screen inside the pod then came on and showed my destination, "Acenes...Travel Time: 2 Years." I muttered to myself. The pod then gave a violent shake right before I was blasted through the atmosphere at great rate. I reach space and the computer came on and announced, "Prepare for hibernation." I slept...for two years, I slept.

I woke up to the computer announcing, "Approaching Acenes". This was it the moment I had waited for...the moment I've trained for all those years. Soon I would be a true saiyan with all of the raw power of my ancestors. I would conquer Acenes and return home quickly, or so I thought. I landed in a vast, colorful, untouched swamp. I climbed out of the pod and unpacked my meal rations that were stored for me. I quickly ate and turned on my scouter looking for life forms, my scouter quickly honed in on a bunch of medium sized power levels. "A quiet approach would be best for now," I said to myself, " This may take longer than I thought". I flew low and to the outskirts of an underdeveloped city. I jumped into a tree to get a better view and viewed them from an even closer distance. They were a reptilian looking race with blue skin and metal armor. They carried large swords on their backs and shields in there hand. "Definitely underdeveloped, this should be easy." I assumed.

I worked my way to a city that was full of firelight and a crowd full of hissing, clicking sounds, I came to the conclusion this was their language. My saiyan heart raced with the anticipation of the battle to the point I couldn't stand it. Before I knew what I was doing I was charging full force to the city, my heartbeat matching the pounding of my feet on the ground. I charged my ki in both hands, lifted my arms high, and with powerful force threw the ki ball right into the middle of the crowd. Before the blast hit, I jumped high into the air to get an aerial view of my beautifully controlled chaos. The red ki ball exploded with an even brighter glow of red and I heard the loud, long hisses of the terrified race. I started to charge both of my hands with ki, then I fired shot after shot indiscriminately, killing hundreds. Then, all of a sudden, I heard this loud horn sound and I started to hear something in the distance over the horizon. I turned my scouter on and realized there were three big power levels headed my way. There was no way I could've won, but I wasn't about to run.

The three beings landed within three yards of me and started to hiss and click. I stood there, battle ready and ready to die during this fight. Before they had a chance to attack, I punched at the biggest one, he had easily dodge it and elbowed me in the back of the neck, slamming me face first into the ground. I was then picked up by the hair and repeatedly punched in the stomach, I almost passed out. I then charged my ki in my hand and fired it point blank in the creatures face, making him release me and causing him to stumble back, rubbing his face. The other two creatures charged at me and before I could defend myself, I was kicked up into the air at a sickening speed. I tried to regain my composure but as soon as I could see straight, I was kicked in the back and falling full force to the ground. I black out and come to only to see a ki ball coming at me, I take the full blast and I'm pushed through a building. I'm was too beaten to stand, all I can remember is seeing three sets of feet at my head and a crowd of hissing, clicking reptiles gathering behind them. I awoke in a cell with a silver, glowing collar around my neck, that seemed too technologically advanced for this race, based on the appearance of their city. I was sore, but my wounds were doctored. "Why didn't they just kill me?" I thought. Then I put two and two together, "Slavers." I laughed.

I came to find out that the collar was a strength dampening and communication device, I was able to communicate with other slaves with the collar and found out alot about the planet and its inhabitants. I trained every day physically and mentally never knowing how strong I was getting because of the collar. I worked in a mine, mining metals that were very lightweight but extremely durable, they used it for armor, swords, and various other things. I never got the opportunity to escape until after ten years on the planet. It was on the day of my escape, I found out an interesting fact about the planet from a fellow slave. They had a moon! It comes around once every ten years and is a bright blue color. "All I would have to do is get a glimpse of it and I'll fulfill my mission." I laughed to myself at this thought.

I eagerly waited for my savior to show itself in the sky. I stood looking out the window and then it came. My heart thumped rapidly in my chest, I started to breathe heavy, I felt a surge of power, and I then felt the collar snap and with that snap...I saw nothing but red. I came to when the sun was high in the sky and found myself on a field of rubble and dead bodies of the race I had lived with for almost half of my life. I quickly flew through the air, celebrating my success and freedom. I started to head toward my pod to prepare for the journey home, my home. I land where I had landed when I first came here and start to clear away the plants that had taken over my pod. I search in the pod and grab my extra scouter and turn it on to check for any strong life forms. "None are left...good riddance." I said with a sigh. "Time to head home." I thought as I opened the pod. I looked into the pod and remembering how small it was I thought, "Trading one prison for another, I guess." Then I entered the pod, punched in the coordinates for home, and prepared for hibernation.

I awaken to the sound of the computer saying, "Arriving at destination." I landed with a thud and I am greeted with many saiyans curious as to what happened. I walked quietly to the base and confirm that my mission has been completed. Then I came to you, my superiors, to tell my story for the records and this will be the last time that I ever speak of this event. After all, it is just something we have to do. Now, I'm going to get something to eat and a good night's sleep.

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Scouter readings
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Kinoko (Application)
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