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 Keiichiro Sato

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Name: Keiichiro Sato
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Name: Keiichiro Sato
Nickname: Sato
Alias: None
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Starting Location: Earth
Special Characteristics: None
Personality: Sato is generally an agreeable person, but he is by no means fun-loving. Taking after his grandfather, he is a very serious person. This often leads to him giving off an impression of being angry and anti-social, though neither is the case. This misconception is furthered by his lack of experience with social situations. While he's not the most cheerful of people, he also lacks an impressive temper, and in fact has quite a bit of patience. He's not one to get frustrated when things don't go right, but rather tries to think of a new plan. He's very determined, and as such he has a no-surrender policy to everything he does. He also tends to go overboard when it comes to things he's passionate about. While he is open minded to hearing other views and ideas, his stubborness often prevents him from changing from his own beliefs. Sato's had a sense of justice instilled in him since his early childhood, and one of the things that can get him angry easily is senseless violence and destruction. He is against killing, be it an innocent civilian or a sadistic villain, and would rather find alternative methods of stopping someone. However, he would be willing to kill if it meant protecting others.
Personality Traits: Serious, Determined, Good-hearted


Height: 182 CM
Weight: 72 KG
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wild
Skin Tone: Fair yellow
Build: Atheletic, with a slight muscle build
Appearance: Sato would be considered above-average muscularly, but is far from a body-builder. His form would give off an impression of one with speed rather than strength. He has unkempt black hair that spikes out rather wildly, the longest parts reaching to the end of his neck, and bangs that come to his chin. His face would not be considered hansome by typical standards, with sharp features and a narrow jawline. Keiichiro's eyes are a deep blue. Sato typically wears simple clothing, favoring baggy or sweatpants and sleeveless shirts. His coloring choices are also simple, his clothing usually being black or a shade of grey. He prefers to wear boots over shoes for practical purposes, as well as sweatbands on his wrists.
Handiness: Left-handed


Personal History:

- Early Life -

Keiichiro Sato was born into a home with a hormonal imbalance, his mother dying in child birth and leaving his father and grandfather to raise him. The three generations of Satos lived a life style without extravagences. As a profession they owned a small farm away from any towns or cities, preferring seclusion. A family of fighters, when not in the feild they usually chose to train. His father, Keiru Sato, was the one who instilled in his son his determination and drive, though Keiichiro's personality took after Kinu, his grandfather. He recieved a simple education, being homeschooled by his grandfather. The old man believed that in an education, more important than lessons of the mind, were lessons in character. He made sure Keiichiro would always know the difference between right and wrong.

- Teen Years -
As Keiichiro grew older he also grew stronger and more mature, losing the carefree attitude of youth earlier than most. He decided that rather than follow in the path of the first two genrerations of Satos, and try his luck as a fighter before retiring back to the Sato farm in his later years, he would leave the feilds behind and persue fighting without restraints. He made it his goal to be strong enough to protect the Earth, and maybe even compete with fellow fighters from other planets and races. His father and grandfather were proud rather than dissapointed at Keiichiro's declaration, and begain training him seriously.

- Becoming a Man -
On Keiichiro's eighteenth birthday he decided his training would be better continued out in the real world, where he could gain valuable experiences and foreign techniques. Saying goodbye to his father and grandfather, he set off on his own personal training regimen; promising to return frequently to show off his progress. He still hadn't beaten his old man in a real fight yet, after all.
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Wow nice
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PostSubject: Re: Keiichiro Sato   Keiichiro Sato EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 4:56 pm

Drake, your not a Mod or Admin, don't post here, -.-

Anyways, it is nice, and you chose Human, most people would choose Saiyan because they think they are the most powerful ( Technically they are, but here, they aren't XD ). People like Nuchiha make exceptional Saiyans, and don't choose them assuming they are the most powerful. Same thing with Gokin,

Anyways, approved,
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Keiichiro Sato
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